Thursday, January 29, 2004

Toilet Etiquette

I'm at home and need to know when the dry cleaners close because its almost 6.55pm and if they close at 7 then i need to run down asap.

So i call out a few times and ask.

No answer

He's in the toilet and as later explained heard the question but can't answer when in the toilet.

I knew guys can't do two things at once but thats just ridiculous.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Back again

Its been harder here in HK since i've been back home.

Which probably explains why my phone still reads melb time.

As a friend of mine pointed out the first time its a holiday, its exciting, its new. Now i'm back and i keep comparing it to melb.

Which is probably a bad time to compare if ever. I left Melb summer for HK winter. I'm certainly a summer girl.

I left all my friends and family behind to live in a city where i have only a couple of friends.

The language thing.

And the food......

Yes i'm home sick more so than before.

But i would rather think of it as re-adjusting.

To a life which is completely different to my life in Melbourne.

Monday, January 12, 2004

So its Mid January

and maybe a little too late for reflection of 2003 but oh well.

Events of 2003:

Holiday to Bryon Bay for first time
Start working at Primary school first after uni job
start my probationary period as psychologist
start doing some unpaid psy work
boyfriend of the time accepts manger position overseas
go overseas for the first time
decide to move overseas despite breakup of 2 yr relationship
decline marriage proposal from another man
start working as native English teacher
visit Macau, and Shenzhen (china)
first time away from family and friends for xmas and nye

I'm sure there is much more but that will do for now.

I'm starting 2004 quitting my English teacher position from Australia and accepting another one.

Already things are happening

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Do you think there is something wrong if i'm more jealous of an ex's new location (north fitzroy) than the new love of his life?