Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Graduation day

I graduated yesterday and to my surprise I actually enjoyed it. Everyone warned me how long and boring the night is and maybe because i was expected that i was pleasantly suprised. The moment I put on the gown my excitement began despite the poo brown (someone weird idea of a colour called buff) coloured sash (whatever its called). I felt extra special having a white collar on my sash to signify that I was graduating with honours not just your average undergrad student. It was great to catch up with the few people that were graduating from my degree and find out what they where all doing. The moment of recieving my award went extremely quick (probably a good thing), but the build up was great with all that anxiety, and excitement amongst friends.

I especially loved watching the doctorate and phd students recieve their awards, listening to their thesis abstracts, watching as their family and friends cheer them on as their new title (dr) was announced. Seeing all of that and speaking to a friend whos doing her phd at moment I couldn't help thinking about going back to study to get my doctorate, yes i am possibly crazy for thinking about it, but its only another three years, and i now have so many things i want to research, and well i guess.... ok you have it I love being a student. I won't however go back for several reasons the most important being money.

Even the cheesy photo opprotunties that went on for about a hour afterward i enjoyed. My family and myself ended up being the final ones to leave, as we decided last minute that i wanted to buy all sorts of goodies there (cerificate related). My mother (god i love her) then had the idea that she take me to vegetarian orgasm for two delicious pieces of vegan cake, which are as the name suggest orgasmic. Despite the excellent night i did feel one persons absense (i wonder who).

After all that and after adjusting to getting up early for work, i went home more exhausted than i can ever remember with very sore shoulders (did i mention the robe starts to really weigh down on you towards the end). I think its time to graduate to sleep now.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Today was mixed with all sorts of events. It started in the afternoon with the family babercue. These are events as a vegan I generally dread for the simple reason that my grandma is still coming to terms with my veganism (its been a year). Shes convinced i'm not getting enough iron/calcium/protein, the usual things people ask about. My other grandmother actually come to my defence today (well not in front of me but she told me about it) she told her i'm pretty clued up on it and how I search all these sorts of things on the internet.

Pretty accurate description. While google is my best friend I also have about 10 books on nutrition/food and did more than my fair share of reading up on the topic before I make the choice, in fact I made the choice for health reasons. I had a running joke with my partner when I was doing my thesis about how if I spent half as much time and effort (not to mention passion) as did reading up on nutriton and food related things as my thesis I would had my thesis finished 6 months earlier. I'm constantly coming out with food facts that i'm sure I bore my family and friends to death. For example, did you know that: a large serving of hummus provides all your protein needs for the day (if teamed with pita bread), half of your zinc needs, and a quarter of your iron requirements for the day.

I chatted with stu (on net) three times a day (well a uk day thanks to the time difference) all thanks to my obession with getting the comments section on page. Which is finally done and even in the right spot. I'm so proud of me! Stu's inspired me to see more of my own country, next destination will be Cairns, I promise. Well when I can afford it anyway.

I also caught up with a old friend and watched 'how to lose a guy in ten days' which made me laugh. Called Erin. and spoke to her for about hour and a hour (sorry, I swear it was only meant to be a 5 minute conservation).

About 10 minutes ago I made chocolate spiders. (although I use smooth peanut butter instead of crunchy), such a quick snack to make to satisfy my choc cravings and vegan too. I'm writing this blog as i'm waiting for them to cool and I think there ready, so goodbye all.

Saturday, April 26, 2003

"The soul is healed by being with children"- Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor experienced the death of both his mother(at only 16) and father(at age 18), was arrested and sentenced to death, spent four years in hard labour(wearing fetters),went on to experience the death of his first wife and brother, Apollinaria Suslova(whom he had an affair with and whom he considered his intellectual equal) declined his marriage proposal. He was also plagued by debts and frequent epileptic seizures. Perhaps as a result of his debts he become a obessive gambler. Furthermore, his first child Sophia lived for only three months.

My point is this: this man (who's quote I love) experienced his fair share of hardship yet believes that the soul (even one as damaged as his) can be healed by being with children.

Keep in mind however that I do not know the context in which his famous quote first appeared, if someone does please let me know.

I'm off now to visit all my younger gorgeous soul healing cousins.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

I figure i should continue blogging as I have done previously rather than start again.

So here goes. Everyone is going crazy here about me giving them sars. I don't have sars. Yes I did visit a country that has sars victims but I am not one of those people nor did I come into contact with those people. Please be reasonable. Its not even that contagious.

I'm still jetlagged so i'll write more tommorrow.

bye bye.