Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I finally found a self defence class for me

I have had my heart set on doing a kung fu style called Wing Chun for years and went along to about 4-5 different schools over the last couple of years and even went to a few classes but hated it. It wasn't the style but the feel of each place. I would attend with a male friend and the instructor would address him and not me even though in each case I knew more about the style and I was the one who really interested in joining. Also there was either no females in the class or very little and the atmosphere just seemed a little too macho for me.

So when Mr T who has his own style (Hung Gar) recommended another style Tactical Krav Maga. I continued to say 'No' for a very long time.

I finally decided to go watch a bit of one class just to get him to stop suggesting it. The style was different than what I wanted but the one appeal was that it was run by a female instructor and it had the option of female only classes so I though it can't hurt to spend 30 minutes or so watching. I attended a mixed class and have never had so much fun or laughed more watching any other class. I enjoyed it so much that I watched the whole 90 minute class. It also appeared to be quite basic for the complete beginner like me. The instructor is young and female and not hugely muscular just like me and she had a great sense of humour. It was just so refreshing to be able to really relate to the instructor. The majority of the participants were female which was the reverse of every other class I have ever attended and she made the class fun. She also kind of reminds me of tegan and sara who I am fan of.

If you are curious there is a special one off introduction class this Sunday. It costs more than normal classes but goes for a little longer and is aimed at complete beginners. Here are the details:

When :: 2pm - 4pm, Sunday 25 November 2007
Where :: Level 1, 738 Sydney Road Brunswick VIC
Cost ::
$30 or bring a friend and pay only $25 each
Wear / Bring:: Wear comfortable clothes and joggers. Bring some water to drink.

If you want more details about the school, check out the site here. There are schools in Melbourne and Sydney.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Note sure who to vote for this sat?

Go check out how should I vote to find out.

All you have to do is answer a 20 question quiz and it will tell you. You can ever have it text messaged to your phone.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

You should adopt an adult cat!

I visited the lost dogs home and the RSPCA recently and was so sad that I just wanted to cry. There were so many cats looking at me and crying and they were so adorable. What's worse is that no-one wants to adopt a adult cat so the vast majority will be killed possibly within days of my visit. So why should you adopt a cat over a kitten? Most of the cats are house trained and know how to use a kitty tray, don't destroy furniture and you can sleep well in the thought that you saved a cat from his/her death unlike kittens which generally have no problem finding a home.

I could easily see myself become a crazy cat lady one day-well a crazy cat couple I guess. How could I walk away from all those sad cute faces knowing they will die!

For now though we are still hoping that there is a chance that Molly will come back plus I live in the smallest one bedroom flat in the world.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Walk Against Warming

Mr T and I attended the walk against warming event today. By far the cutest group protesting today were the families affected by global warming (I think that was what was written on their t-shirts) with their bright orange t-shirts and posters that looked like they were painted by the kids.

But they weren't the only kids, there were hundred of all of little ones, holding signs, dancing and one was even playing a harmonica. I thought this one was cute.

I also liked this sign and no that wasn't me or anyone I know

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Molly is still gone and NO I don't want another cat/kitten

So far Mr T and I call out her name every day in all the neighbouring streets sometimes shaking her cat food, we put up about a dozen posters in our area, talked to a few neighbours and I have called up the cat protection society and lord smith hospital and they haven't seen her.

I have posted a blurb and pic about her on the lost dogs home lost and found website.

We leave our front door ajar right up until we go to sleep each night.

Tomorrow we will visit lost dogs home and RSPCA and early next week I will call up the vets to see if they have seen her.

What else am I missing?

A few nights ago my neighbour said that he saw her at 4am at a door. I really got my hopes up then. So Mr T woke up around 3-3.30am opened the front door and watched for the last 3 nights. Each night a cat appeared but it wasn't Molly.

The problem is Molly is one scared little cat, she is scared of other cats and we always have at least 3 cats near us.

She has only left our place once before and ran a few doors down after she saw the other cats and then she proceed to cry off again on again until I grabbed her from under the fence. That was for a couple of hours. It has not almost been a week!

Right now I feel overwhelmed with sadness, mixed in with a tiny bit of hope that just keeps diminishing each day. I don't know whether she is dead, or hurt or has found somewhere else to live or if she even has the capacity to return to our place if she wants to.

She's a part of our tiny family and I really wish people would stop asking me if I want another cat or kitten. She can't be replaced!