Friday, September 26, 2003

Blogger Etiquette

Since I'm not working YET.

I've had plenty of time up my sleeve (where did that expression come from btw: what can you keep up your sleeve anyway, other than perhaps a tissue?).

I've been reading alot of blogs and found two things well two recurring things about other peoples blogs that really annoy me.

1: Apologizing for not posting for a while, in fact not posting for a while (ok there are exceptions like no internet connection) really bugs me too. Why have a blog if you see it as some sort of obligation that you need to apologise to? If you are to have a blog you can't just not post for like three months and then come back.

2:No 'about me' section (ok sometimes its not needed like on mine) but its hard when you find someones blog and you have no idea what they are talking about, its really bugging me at the moment because i keep finding all these Hong Kong blogs and i want to know what these people are doing in Hong Kong and how long they have lived here and i really can't be bothered reading too many old posts to find out.

Thursday, September 25, 2003


Him: "Are you angry at me?"

Me: "a little"

If he only knew.

How angry I was.

But not any more.

Now i just feel sorry for him (sincerely).

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Now i'm not male but still i'm insulted by so many of the male characters on many of the American sitcoms.

You know the sterotypical dumb, sexually obessed, incapable of looking after themself, more interested in watching sport than anything else.

Speak out men, is this something that bothers you? Or are you happy to be displayed as useless, rather idiotic beings with three things on your mind (sex, beer and sport)?

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Seeking what exactly?

About two years ago

My uncle took his life.

I don't like to use the expression "he commited sucide" (but thats a whole other discussion).

He left behind three sons, one who was only about three at the time, one who was about 20 and one my age.

Because of this, and other exposure i've had to sucide (degree, crisis counselling etc) i get quite angry when i hear people dismiss ones talk of sucide as merely attention seeking.

Even those who talk about sucide in a way which would be deemed as 'attention seeking' need help, need compassion, need someone. Yes they might be seeking attention but this expression seems to under-estimate the fact that they are crying out for some sort of help.

Not everyone who talks about sucide will attempt it, however almost every one who has killed themself will have spoken about it to someone.

Comments about sucide, whether its the first or the hundredth time they have mentioned it need to be taken seriously.

Monday, September 15, 2003

I sometimes feel like he is training me.

I'm not sure when he become teacher and i student.

Not training that is obvious but rather training that bugs the hell out of me. It reminds me a little of karate kid and Mr Miyaki.

Hopefully it will lead to more pratical and obvious training, in the mean time i will continue mumbling under my breath while i wax on and wax off.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

I have a new friend in HK

He's intelligent (will head off to Harvard soon to do complete his second masters degree), cute, got a great body (no i haven't seen it but he has to will his workout schedule), successful (setting up his own branch of consulting firm in HK), friendly, considerate, and knows how to make great dhal.

Its just I'm a little worried that once he gets back from his overseas business trip i will have to use the whole 'i've just got out of a relationship...' line. I am so flattered but well things are just far too complicated to introduce someone new to my life now. Now i could say that to him but i'm hoping it won't get that far.

How do i not send him the wrong signal without coming across as cold, aloof or just plain bored?

Friday, September 12, 2003

I want to know whats happening with Mr Singapore

what happened after that night?

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Veganism in HK (yes i pre-warned all you carcass munchers so that you skip over this post)

Someone said to me you will come back from HK as a meat eater again.

Well sorry missy but your wrong.

Sure its hard being a vegan here.

Especially with chicken stock, and oyster sauce added to most of the vegetarian dishes here and some restaurants not even serving one vegetarian dish.

Its made me recap what veganism means to me, what i'm willing to do for the cause.

Its pretty amazing when you think about it. I'm willing to do everything i can to avoid animal products in a country that loves freshly killed flesh. Even if it means being able to eat only one crappy dish at some restaurants. Even if means missing out on sharing dishes with my flesh loving counterparts. Even if it inconvenient, and hard sometimes. It also means re learning which products are vegan and where they are stocked.

It makes me realise how easy veganism is in Melbourne. People, people, people with the great vegan food we have in Melbourne and so readily available you really have no excuse. Just go to vegetarian orgasm and try their deserts i guarantee you won't be disappointed (ahhh i miss their desserts).

I've also realised the power of surrounding yourself with other vegans. I met two other vegans today and it was great. They introduced me to all sorts of great vegan food available here. We have some great vegan products from the US i've never seen before like luna bars, tropical choice chocolates, and my favorite; what i found last night chocolate- choc chip ice cream.

I need to work hard here at maintaining my vegan lifestyle here, cook in crappy conditions, go to the special supermarkets to get some specality vegan foods. Buts its so worth it. I really do think i will leave Hong Kong as a better cook and as Tanya (from How it all vegan cookbook) puts it i will be a 'better vegan warrior' for it.

Monday, September 08, 2003

You think you know someone and then they come along and kick you when your down

its only then that horrible realisation sinks in that you never knew them at all.

One of my favourite quotes by Martin Luther King Jr is: "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

now i know its true.

(At the request of my good friend stu)

Some random things about me:

* growing up i was never a big animal lover despite the fact that i had several dogs and cats and even a horse at one stage (this changed).

* i like to talk in random bursts, and go back and forth between topics

* i love getting drive through car parking spots

* i prefer summer

* i have far too much energy (perhaps thats why i have this blog)

* i'm a supermaket snob: i love looking into other peoples baskets and i'm sure you can tell alot about a person this way.

* i'm a little scared of mushrooms

* i have a terrible fear of spiders but will never conquer fear even if i was given the choice

* i can be quite spontaneous yet highly predictable with those close to me

* i occasionaly make up words and expressions

but the again i guess this isn't too random if its all about me

If my life was a book.

Right now would be the start of a new chapter.

All because of one choice made by me.

Friday, September 05, 2003

Today was great.

Today i met so many new people.

I made contacts with the sorts of organisations that i want to volunteer for.

I was reminded that i'm not the only one that feels this way about animal welfare.

I cried (at the footage of severe cruelty to animals in Asia), i laughed, i smiled, i felt the adrenlin pumping and i certainly felt inspired.

But then...

I come home to an empty apartment and realised that i have no one to go home to and share my enthusiam.

No one in two senses, because i'm living alone at the moment, and i'm single really single for the worst time in a long time.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

What is life without change?

My blog has changed.

Maybe i have changed.

I notice i don't get any comments anymore.

I get emails regarding the site occasionaly but thats it no comments.

Perhaps it has become too serious, too much like a real journal.

Too much like me bouncing my thoughts out there.

If you don't like it go here or to someone elses blog all together.

Because this is my little space and i'm going to write want i want.
Now thats out the way

This morning i realised that the whole rolling around in bed, and blissful half sleep-half awake state isn't just confined to cold weather. I feel it here. It really is a beautiful feeling.

I should grap hold of it and appreciate these moments of getting up whenever i feel like it for once i start working it will all change.