Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Flashback - a conversation in Bangkok

Me: do you what song this is? (referring to song playing in restaurant)

T: 'In my life' produced by Josh Martin recorded in abbeyroad. Paul McCarteney is using a hofner, club 63 precisely. John Lennon is using a rickenbacker. This is the second or thrid most used song at funerals. Really popular until 'candle in the wind' come along.

Me: you a fan of the beatles?

T: No.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The arrangements

He has sole custody of jack and jill (the fish).

I'm back in Melbourne broke and not knowing what to do with myself.

And once again i'm in a long distance relationship.

Monday, June 28, 2004

There was crying

Well actually more like sobbing from me

loud crying not just tears

and his eyes weren't exactly dry either

Monday, June 07, 2004

A conversation with two supposably rational adults over changing the water of goldfish bowl.

Me: i don't want to do it, i'm scared they will get scared or i'll hurt them or something

Him: Me too

Me: how are we going to do this?

Him: maybe a spoon?

Me: Ok

Him: no they might jump and die

Me: yes

Him: maybe a cup

yes: the black one

Him: we won't use the black cup again

Me: Ok, i'm going to do this, arghhhhhhhh sorry little fishy don't get scared

After a minute or two i've procastinating he takes the cup from my hand

Him: ok i'll do it- come on in babe

Me: what?

Him: no not you i have another babe.

Me: of course your talking to the fish

Him: Come in (trying to corner the fish into coming into the mug)

Me: maybe the fish associates black with sharks or something

Finally the first fish goes in the cup.

Me: now we just need to get his brother

After several attempts the second fish also goes in the mug.

And we have two goldfish in the extra bowl.

I then clean out the bowl in the sink (kitchen) and he asks 'are we going to wash the dishes in this sink'

I shake my head but can kind of see how that idea is gross to him.

After much and i mean much conversation of the best technique i've getting them back in the the now clean water we finally achieve the desired outcome.

Me: do you think they are happier in cleaner water?

Him: i don't think any being is happier trapped and stuck inside a bowl

Me: true, maybe we should release them

Him: yes

Me: but then maybe they won't survive; their not street smart anymore, well river smart or whatever

He just shakes his head.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

what does my rockstar (ok not quite yet) boyfriend want to eat before his big album release concert-at night time mind you?

but vegemite on toast

and not in tiny amounts like how i have it

no he wants it covered in the stuff