Monday, February 28, 2005

My new school bag. Posted by Hello

Today was my first day as a masters student and it was pretty much a disaster.

I slept in, woke up with a huge headache, couldn't find a car park, got lost, discovered I missed orientation day last week (why didn't i check my student email?), skipped breakfast and then was forced to skip lunch because the uni cafeteria was closed and due to my lack of eating was all shaky come time for me to do my introduction to my new fellow classmates causing them to think i am extremely nervous and or anxious.

Hopefully today was not indicative of the next two years ahead.

Either way though it looks like a hectic couple of years ahead with a hell of a lot of work. What have I got myself in to?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I haven't posted for a little while (ok a week is a little while for me) because I have been patiently waiting for some good news- i have only one piece at the moment:

* Cathay Pacific finally refunded my ticket money yes $1400 back off my credit card and it took only 7 months and god knows how much interest. They have been telling me for the last 4 months that it will come off next week-hmmm.

On the bad news front:

- My stepdad is back in hospital and not doing so good
- My grandmothers breast cancer appears to have returned
- I had a huge fight with my father and despite the apology and supposed resolution I doubt things will ever be the same
- same old financial problems
- plus I'm just a tad anxious about returning to study next week

Monday, February 14, 2005

My v-day parcel from self proclaimed 'Mr Un- Romantic'. I couldn't have asked for more beautiful packaging (the package appeared just as it did above part from a few pamphlets explaining that it had been opened by customs- what a fun package for them to look through). It contained vegan truffles wrapped in recycled NMA paper, exactly 100 white flowers, a scroll type letter and the most adorable hand written and hand drawn notes scattered throughout. The best valentine present ever and certainly the first to make me cry! Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Its just a frigging Ring

Toby and I have been looking at and discussing rings and come across a few issues that most people don't seem to consider with female engagement rings.


Ethically Toby and I do not want to support the many horrible factors regarding them including: terrible human rights abuses, ecological consequence of mining and the marketing. See UN and Amensty international, and 10 reasons why... .

Diamond look alikes

While we both have problems with diamonds I don't have problem with the way they look. While doing my research i come across many alternatives. Eg: moissanite, asha and of course cheaper CZ's. In the end though i realised that i had now had all these negative associations with the appearance anyway. Plus i am kind of fueling the whole 'your e-ring has to be a diamond' crowd because many will assume it is a diamond.


I do not want a ring which costs a ridiculous amount. The standard cost of many rings i have seen on acquaintances are more than my car-a lot more. Some even go into debt for it. Its a frigging ring. While i'm sure that many people 'need' an expensive one to 'show' he cares. I can't help but wondering how they justify it? I mean really it will soon be 'our' money. Money that could be going towards things like a honeymoon, a house, a car, a good cause and a thousand other things. In our case him moving here (visa fees- relocation costs-airfare etc costs a lot).


I not longer like the look of yellow gold and most white gold has to be re-rhodium plated every 12-18 months.

That as long with the ecological problems with gold mining (see here) has got us looking for alternatives.

platinum has the cost issue (see above).

Silver, and titanium are looking pretty good right about now.

I also found a great site which offers ecological responsible ring which are made from recycled gold called GreenKarot we will probably get our wedding bands from.

And as for the whole feminist issue with having a e-ring at all. Well he gets one too. Equality all around.

Footscray Market on Saturday Posted by Hello

I went to footscray Market on Saturday against the advice of my brothers girlfriend who told me 'it stunk' and was 'dodgy' and that there was 'meat hanging up everywhere'. To which I replied 'I lived in Hong Kong for a year- I'm sure I can handle it'. I have to admit I still was a little hesitant but it was great. In fact I've decided I will go here instead of vic market in the future. Sure vic market is bigger and a little cleaner. But footscray market is cheaper, there are less loud men shouting out the price of everything and there are less crowds to contend with (well on a sat around 1pm anyway).

And for the record 'the meat hanging up everywhere' is separate from the fruit and veg just like at the vic market. I didn't notice much of a smell and it didn't feel dodgy at all.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Another view form apartment window in HK- across Hong Kong harbour. Emily on the left- and me facing her on the right. Posted by Hello

While I didn't get any lai see (red enevelopes with money in it) this year. My start to the chinese new year was great. After days of moping and not being myself at all i feel back and refreshed due to:
  • Toby finally telling his family- and them not reacting too badly
  • Him making me laugh for a good 5 minutes over some stupid joke last night
  • Going outside today and walking around Melbourne
  • Haighs Dark choc peppermint frogs
  • Getting 4 out of my 12 things to do crossed off my to do list
  • hanging out with my co-worker Jerome who put up with lots of shopping for things that didn't interest him like rings
  • Erin's kick ass amazing noodle salad with smoked tofu- mmmmmmmmmm it brought me back to foodie world

It gooood to be back!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hong Kong- a view from my apartment in Causeway Bay. Posted by Hello

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

or happy chinese new year (it actually translates to "Congratulations and be prosperous"-yes its all about money

this year is my year- well the year of the roosters.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Cherry Lake (Altona) notice the footbridge which leads to a now hidden track. Posted by Hello

The bike track (or at least where it used to be) in westona (williamstown-altona).  Posted by Hello