Saturday, October 30, 2004

Shamless plug

Head to Albert Park tomorrow to enjoy the nice weather.

There will be music, races, face painting, stalls, massage, karate, trivia trail and of course great vegan food.

Plus i'll be there :-)

All in the name of World Vegan Day.

For more info see their website

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Bright Eyes

I was talking to tobe last night about which bands we want to see live at the moment and one of the few ones we both want to see is Bright Eyes.

He introduced me to them before we were dating and i used to love playing their songs on my mp3 player running around hk, so raw, so much emotion, so great.

Anyhoo, getting away from main point: guess who i found out is coming to melb soon-ish?

Yes Mr Bright Eyes himself Conor Oberst.

In case your wondering:

Sunday 3rd of April Melbourne, Australia Rod Laver Arena with R.E.M.

Tuesday 5th of April Melbourne, Australia Prince Of Whales.

Double yay!!!

It kind of- almost makes me fell better about the fact that i can't afford to see PJ Harvey at the moment.


I've been fortunate enough to have two sundays off in a row

Last week i went to vo for breakfast and had the very sweet vegan french toast served with banana, ice cream and chocolate sauce, followed by a stroll at the st kilda beach market

Today i finally got around to checking out camberwell market with Erin where i picked myself up a pair of nice turqoise shell-ish earrings for $5

You gotta love sundays!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

ngor jung yi sek mun gwoh

(or roughly translated: i like to eat mangoes)

in my third canto class tonight i learnt how to put very simple sentences (like the one above) together

the classes and the learning process in general is both frustrating and fun

there are 7 in my class and 6 out of 7 have chinese significant others


in other news:

I called up Toby last sunday night and was about to announce that i want to move back to hk (not suprising considering my previous post) when he announced that he thinks it will be a wiser decision that he moves here.

i'm still not sure

but if does come here it won't be til january at the earliest (which means being apart for xmas and new years eve, sob sob)

if he does move here i think I will go back and do my masters

which means quite possibly next year i will be going back to study, moving out and setting up an apartment with Toby.

2005 looks like be a very big year for me and an even bigger one for him!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Warning -political rant

It was sad evening

I'm glad i didn't stay home watching

i think i would have cried

What now will i say to people abroad when they question Australian policies

"well i didn't vote for him" perhaps

Despite my earlier prediction and almost every poll it was easy to remain some slight optimism when almost very person i associate with is anti-Howard for one reason or another.

To say that i am disappointed is an understatement.

What does this say about the majority of Australians? I would prefer to think they are ignorant in regard to politics then to believe that they selfishly chose interest rates (well their scaremongering) over education, health and the environment.

I fear what will become of this country in the next three years: a further decline in public education and health services, removal of Medicare, increase in university costs, a repeat of East Timor, a further destruction of their environment (don't even get me started on their sell out to the loggers of the Tasmania trees that i grew up climbing), refugees continuing to wait until we return them to their war torn countries, definitely more lies, and who knows what else.

Its not a proud day to be Australian!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Such a good girl

Despite a late night out last night

i managed to get to polling booth at 8am this morning

before work

and managed to vote below the line (65 can be a bit tricky when your half asleep)

a bit concerning was the family first volunteer (but then arn't they all?) handing out brochures

more concerning was the frequent pro liberal comments made around me (in a safe labour seat mind you)

highlight joke was made by the asian family behind me who joked about voting for One Nation

i managed to arrive at work at 8.30 , half an hour too early

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Yaht (1), Yee(2), sum (3)

Had my first canto lesson tonight

and lets just say i am the dud of the class

it was mostly fun though.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Rough update

I spent alot of last weekend (my first 3 day weekend) at hospital with my little bro who fell off a roof injuring his back. My bro has a break in his fifth vertibrae and thankfully it doesn't look like any major nerve damage or operation is neccesary(as was initially feared). He is however off work and in a lot of pain.

If you want to see some interesting people on a sunday head down to the emergency section of western general (otherwise known as footscray) hospital. Some very distracting (thankfully) people watching.

Work has slightly improved thanks to a few great co-workers and the much needed new 30 staff that started on friday.

I think Howard is going to win the election (great- please note sacarsm). On that note of politics discovered that Andrew Barlett has his own blog as do the Greens.

I have not caught up with anyway lately due to family stuff (see above & below): I apologise! There still exists friends who i haven't caught up with since i got back (btw its been 3 months).

I'm sick of thinking about whether to go to HK or not and am no closer to a final decision. My bro injury and my stepdad's constant illness is making me feel very anxious about leaving just when i was getting ready to commit to actually going.

Got to see a couple of great shows a couple of weeks ago. Rock against Howard which showed three out of five very different and great perfomances and thanks to Erin I also saw Mark Kozelek who i had never heard of but was great.