Sunday, June 29, 2003

McDonalds opening their kitchen doors this weekend?

Yes i just seen the advert.

I wonder if the fact that their profits are falling have anything to do with it. I'm interested in going and asking the following questions:

'so are you eggs free range?'

'what are the conditions of the cattle and chicken before they are slaughtered for your burgers?'

'are you still using beef flavouring to prepare your french fries?'

'how much land exactly are you using to raise cattle for your burgers?'

Oh I love Eric Schlosser for exposing all that he does in his book Fast Food Nation see here for some insight.

Whats wrong with Mcdonalds? See here

As the sticker in vo says 'do you want lies with that?'

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Oh Oh

I could feel it coming this morning, a cold, a sore throat something unhealthy.

I'm saying its a cold/flu/hayfever because if not its an allergy to Erin and Simons friendly cat miko. How could I be allergic to such an amazing gorgeous creature?

The worst part about all this, whatever this cold, allergy thing is i seem to have lost my taste buds. A complete nightmare for foodie me.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

I can't believe he smokes!

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

General life update?

Career, love life, wealth, travel?

mmmmmmm yeh...

All are up in the air at the moment, well actually all are hitting me in the face and pretty hard at that (ok I'm really bad at analogies). I need to make some decisions, this isn't easy for indecisive me. All are interrelated and one thing is for sure i can't stay in the situation I'm in right now.

Travel seems really appealing right now. In fact I went to the Teach international TESOL course info session the other night and I am certainly interested in teaching English and the course looks good, the expense however is a major problem. Good to see that my psy degree means being able to teach in some countries where any degree is a requirement though.

Thankfully Scott and his fiancé Jessica have asked me to housesit for them for 10 days in early July, its in whoop whoop (translate: somewhere past the airport) and look after their cat. God bless them! This means time alone, time to think, almost a mini holiday with a quiet easy to please companion.

Did i mention i also applied for the unethical job (see earlier post), yes i know... But its probably too late and theres no harm applying, right?

I just found out that my old fall back on to call centre job wont give me any work. So i now have two weeks holidays well starting on Friday and no quick way of earning cash during that period. Ahhh i can't believe i was rejected by sr# callcentre.

On the plus side though i have my health, i wonder how long it will take for that to crash from all this stress.

Yes its definitely time to start taking my multivitamins.

Monday, June 23, 2003

So now what you've been waiting to hear about:

Harry Potter. I picked up my copy on sat and only started reading it late last night. So far so good. I think its going to be a littler darker than the rest: the presence of the dementors so early on is a pretty good indicator as well as the talk of someone dying (I don't want to know who thank you very much!). Its been a while since my whole harry encounter and it feels a little like reading a letter from a friend whom i havn't heard from in a while. I read all the harry potter books one after another, so he was a pretty active part of my life for about 3 straight months, and to tell you the truth it was a little sad putting down the last one knowing that i wouldn't hear of harry (the movies don't count, they just don't do the books any true justice) for a little while.

I'm spent my first post mr m day in my pjs eating v.o cake for breakfast and its now 1.35pm yes what a productive day i'm having. I know your dying to know what the hell is happening with my love life but your just going to have to wait til i figure it out for myself.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Second post for the day (yes my life is that stimulating)

I have a million things to do on my night off from this crazy life of mine, but rather than focusing my efforts on that. I finally added links to my blog: ta- da. Something i've been planning on doing for a while (also notice '<' missing from top left hand corner). As well as post two obviously urgent and exciting entries.

At the moment there are only three links, i do wish to add more but i plan on being quite fastidious.

So I need either more friends to start blogs, or i need to keep searching for something i don't have too much problem linking to, any suggestions are welcome.

Also, i need to change the date colour (suggestions are also welcome for this) see here or here for colour codes if you want to provide specific suggestions re: colour.

While on the subject of my precious little webspace, i just want to add that while it was intended to be very light, at times i will tend to dabble with a little complaining (form of therapy), bad jokes, story telling, and well whatever I feel like babbling on about at the time.

Now go and add your comments about either the date colour or your fav blogs.

Sell my soul?

Ok so I'm jobless, in a sense that i don't have a job that corresponds with my qualifications. Neither do many people by the sound of it. However, recently a job caught my attention which i think I would have a good chance at getting, its close, and more importantly it would allow me to get paid to finish off my probationary period.

The catch: it would mean doing work that I consider unethical.

So i didn't apply for it. Yes i will regret it each time i get paid less than i did at uni, each time that i have to struggle with money and living with my parents.

Overall though i think i made the right choice. Now i need to really focus on finding a job in my field that i don't have moral objections with, wish me luck people!

By the way, i realise your hoping for goss on the whole mr m saga but its not happening, well not yet anyway.

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Animals or babies

I went to southland yesterday with Marisa and while I was there I realised that alot of parents treat their children in the same way that the majority of people treat animals. At southland there is a playground which is all encaged, and then there was a parent who had their toddler on a leash. It also got me thinking to all the other similarities like how some parents insist of showing off their children and telling them to talk/skip etc in the same way as one would tell a dog to sit/roll/bark.

Its just wrong!

It just reinforces my thinking that some people shouldn't have children.

I've got a feeling that this week will be a pretty odd one for me (mmm wonder why...) so I want be posting for a little while.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Ok this is relatively optimistic blog (considering the situation).

I'm glad that my body is so sensitive.

I used to hate it, and see it as a weakness. Well it is one way but in another way....

Just a little background info: I was once pretty sick, went to doctor to doctor, to specialist to specialist, put in hospital several times, and put on so many bloody drugs (of course I generallly reacted to them or they had no affect). Its no wonder I am so sceptical of doctors and just the medical profession in general. Anyhoo i eventually come across my not so orthodox doctor in camberwell who was the first to really investigate food and put me on an elimination diet, no sugar, wheat, yeast, dairy etc. And of course dairy was the cause of most of my health problems. Mind you if tested i don't come up with a lactose intolerance.

I've since discovered a lot more about the way in which my body reacts and what is good for it is and what isn't.

For quite some time Miss little sick all the time has become Miss no more sinus problems, ibs, major gastrophical problems (constant vomiting), no more feeling like crap half the time etc'. I honestly can't remember the last time i even had a cold. I claim that one towards my vegan diet however it could be just how much garlic i consume he he.

So when Miss i'm never sick anymore starts getting major pains in stomach i know somethings up, this time not food, not drugs (i'm not on any), i know that this time it is stress.
So i confront something i've been a little hetistant about and whatever the outcome i know its for the best. So thank you body for telling me that the way in which i'm handling a certain situation in not right, thank you for pushing me to face something.

Thank you!

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I got a call this afternoon from Constable .... at the local police station. Well actually he left a voicemail. At the sounds of the introduction i panicked, nooooo who's hurt, or in trouble? .

Thankfully neither is the case. In fact he was calling to point out that I supposably forgot to pay for petrol this morning. It took me a second before I realised that my lovely mother offered to put some petrol in my car this morning (since she had borrowed the care so frequently in the last couple of days).

In the future let it be known that if you can't afford to help me out with the petrol then just tell me, there's really no need to steal it. Ha ha.

On a more boring note. I'll provide you with a quick summary of my life at the moment. I went to the ballet last night and loved it. Thanks again Mark for coming at such short notice. I'll be picking up Mr M when he arrives on sat for a week. Some interesting things were mentioned to me by my lovely friends over the weekend. Including the fact that I tend to listen to music at the moment which is stereotypically associated with lesbians eg: Ani Difranco, Fiona Apple (no I'm not planning on coming out of the closet-thanks Marisa). Also I visited Tammy and Luke and was introduced to their gorgeous baby girl Grace, ohhhhhh she really is adorable.

Friday, June 06, 2003

I found them

A pair of glasses that actually suite me. Now to the average person that would seem quite normal however I seem to have a face that doesn't suit most glasses frames. I've been searching for a pair for the last couple of years and for the last months doing some serious searching. Today I just happened to walk into a local OPSM just for a quick unplanned look and the first pair I tried on: wooolaaa.

Its amazing how happy this find has made me, ahhh the simple things in life. The only problem now is what colour, I tried on two different coloured pairs and they both suit me.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Peter Singer is my friend

You can add him to the list of individuals that you either love or hate but you certainly can't ignore his opinions. That is if you dare to read his confrontational writings, unfortunately most want. I admit it I was even worried because i knew that it would delve even deeper into a growing awareness that isn't exactly pretty. I of course love him for doing so, for exposing so much without getting overly emotional, for his great easy to read style of writing, and for so much more.

At the same time I must admit there is a small part of me which initially was annoyed by the rawness of his writing, the cold (almost scientific) manner in which he reports on such horrors, because his exposure of certain procedures made me cry (i don't think a book has ever make me cry), not to mention angry, particularly angry at the testing of animals for psychological purposes which I wasn't so aware of. Angry at myself for becoming a vegan for selfish health reasons initially. Angry at anyone who chooses veal at dinner, WHY would you support the "most morally repugnant" form of intensive farming still practiced???

I've tossed up with the idea of quoting sections of his book before concluding that it couldn't possibly give his work the true justice it deserves, so just go and ready the bloody book.

He inspires me to do more, just not sure what more is yet. Oh oh ...

Monday, June 02, 2003

Talk about oversleeping, I didn't get up til 2.30pm today.

Its ok though i've found a cure

Now where do I find a chute like that?

Sunday, June 01, 2003

How do get this lazy individual to start going back to the gym?

Push my buttons. Tell me that you think I'll struggle since I'm a vegan. So readers you are my witness to this dare. My male friend who also suggested that veganism is stupid has recently started going to the gym. Similar scenario to me he's tall, thin and pretty lazy. However, anyone who knows me knows that while I'm lazy I certainly don't lack energy I'm always jumping around, dancing, even skipping occasionally. So the dare is this: the first one to stop going to the gym on a regular visits (at least twice a week) owes the other one $50. Thank you friend of mine because that is exactly what i needed to inspire me to head back into the gym (that i'm currently paying memebership for), plus I could use the $50. Little does he know I was once a gym junkie or that some really great athletes of our time were veg*an (see here for a list of some) ha ha.

While on the topic of vegans, this blog has just been added to the Cool vegan site. Not sure how representative of the vegan community I am, but thank you all the same.