Sunday, September 26, 2004

Marketing Facts

One brand of juices has facts under their lids

but ones of the oddest places useless facts have started to show up is on sanitary packages

I can understand them being on toilet paper or some other male product considering the male tendency to spend a while in the toilet often reading

but for women I can't really see them sitting there wasting a little extra time reading 6 maybe 9 useless facts.

Last night there was a conversation about useless facts and I stated "babies aren't born with kneecaps they don't develop til they are between 2 to 5 years old".

When my little sister said 'I know' and started laughing uncontrollably I knew my secret was out.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Knowledge junkie

Top 5 things i want to learn:

wing chun
swing dancing

It only just hit me.

How important the decision is.

If i don't leave.

Toby will give up his job (which he loves), family and friends to move to Melbourne without even visiting it.

I'm not even sure how well he do with communication. I'm sure the stronger Aussie accent will confuse him. His average English will no doubt cause a few problems for employment here too.

One of the options we discussed is me going back for a year or two allowing me time to discover whether i want to do my masters, allowing him to learn from his new role and improve his English.

It will only be for a few years because while HK is great while i am young, its not somewhere i want to live forever. Besides i just couldn't do it to my family whereas he is not very close with his family.

Whatever happens there will be some huge sacrifices from both parts.

Its such a struggle to be together but one i'm not willing to give in to without a huge fight.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Lucky in something

Its never been a better time to be me dating wise or so it seems

In addition to my friend throwing himself at me (see below)

i also had another friend end the friendship because well its just 'too hard just being friends' with me

and i got a text message from a guy i dated (by dated i mean one perhaps two dates) almost four years ago (who i haven't spoken to since) inviting me out. He actually named the movie (meet the parents) we watched so i would remember.

But of course the one i want is far far away. I still haven't made up my mind about going back and in fact he has offered to move to melb if i don't. Either way though neither of us can continue doing this long distance thing for much longer.

Talk about pressure!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Blogger hwy

yesterday i posted this huge entry about toby in honour of his birthday and it (blogger) deleted it

and then i tried posting a simple happy birthday entry which appears as posted but doesn't actually appear. (edited to add: ok now it does appear but delayed a day)


Anyhoo, i have question for people:

why do the majority of australians (myself included) call princess hwy princes hwy?

Go on you know you do it too

everyone does, i even spoke to someone in sydney today and they are guilty of very same habit

is it just part of our lazy language habits?

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Happy Birthday Toby!

Monday, September 06, 2004

The message read:

"I got the job"

its amazing how much meaning and emotion resulted from those four words.

Toby got the one he wanted. The start of a new career for him. I am so happy for him. This however meant he can't come to Melb as previously planned.

For me though it means a decision has basically been made for me as i discussed with him several nights ago if he gets this job and enjoys it then i will return to HK to live.

I have no idea how i will tell my family.

I've already left them once before.

Tonight was fathers day dinner (delayed) i couldn't tell them then.


I don't know how i feel about returning.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

I hate my job (the full time one)

more than any other job i ever had

well apart from the miserable ones i had as a teenager (working in a fish and chip shop and telemarketing).

The decision has been made

I will try to learn Cantonese rather than Mandarin. Despite the fact that everyone tells me to learn mandarin for various sensible reasons including: it only has four tones instead of nine(therefore much much easier), and is spoken by more people in more places. Even the Australasian Centre of Chinese Studies states 'In general, we recommend you learn Mandarin unless you have a very specific reason to learn Cantonese. '

What's my specific reason?

because i'm nosey, basically i want to understand all of Toby's conversations (without him having to translate for me).

Anyone know where else apart form ACCS to learn Cantonese at a beginner level at a low cost?