Tuesday, February 27, 2007

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

One of the many views from my uncles balcony at his property in the basin.

Random personal stuff
  • I recently started seeing a new traditional Chinese medicine doctor for herbs and he convinced me to also try acupuncture and I love him. He's young, has a great sense of humour and he actually fixes my health problems. Including problems with my hormones that I have had for years and that no one or nothing seems to fix and he even made a cold go away. He's a miracle worker.
  • Acupuncture is different than I expected. The first time I felt extremely relaxed and enjoyed the 20mins of just laying there which isn't exactly typical for me, the second time I felt this strange but cool tingling sensation inside. I'm going for my third session tomorrow.
  • I still can't get motivated with my thesis. I hate it and never seem to stop dreaming about dropping out with only 1 year to go, arghhhhhhh.
  • I've decided to stop posting pictures of my lunch on here. If you actually miss them because you are a little food or bento obsessed like me you can see them over at flickr amongst many other vegan bento pics.
  • I saw camera obscura on fri night and really enjoyed it. They are playing at a cheaper price ($20) on monday in Brunswick(14 Prentice St, Brunswick). I'm kind of tempted to go again because we could walk to the venue and back and the price includes a vegetarian BBQ.
  • Mr popfrenzy himself Chris Wu was at the show. I was so tempted to say to him 'thank you so much for bringing out the gossip it was the best free live show I have ever seen' but I thought that might be kind of awkward and well just 'uncool'.
  • I have finally gave up pretzels. Yay! Thanks to my Chinese medicine doctor who gave me a few tips.
  • My stepdad pointed out the other day that my handlebars on my bike are the wrong way around. Which explains why the breaks felt so strange to me.
  • Mr T's parents are coming to visit in April. A few people have suggested that we should have the wedding then since they will be in the country already and then won't have to come back for our wedding.
  • My uncle offered to use his gorgeous property for our wedding. It's tempting with all the gorgeous views and the sounds of kookaburras but it would be so far for everyone to travel and I would have to arrange buses or something so everyone can get home after drinking. Besides I'm not sure that I actually want a wedding.
  • I have a new job. Not sure how I will fit it in with a close to full time job and uni but it's only casual and after hours and in a field that I really want to try.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentines day mobile phone pics

I had a great evening last night. Mr T surprised me with coco loco truffles, dinner at Shakahari and then a drink at Coco Loco. Ahhh great food is so the way to my heart.

Did I mention how much I love coco loco? It is my new favourite place replacing old vegetarian orgasm cakes. Yes that great!

The chocolate is organic and fair trade and amazing. Mr T had a hot chocolate and vanilla vodka drink and I tried a hot ginger chocolate drink. All of the drinks you can have either hot or cold, with coffee or without, with alcohol or without and you can choose how rich you want. We always choose the richest type.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy V Day

I've enjoyed the silliness of valentines day this year. Yes I know it is all about commercialism and I have a strict no flowers on valentines day policy due to the price increase on the day. However, it's a good distraction from everything that has been going on lately and just another excuse to go out for dinner.

Here is Mr T's surprise lunch. Don't worry he eats his lunch at home so he won't be embarrassed with the hearts and besides he's not one to worry too much about what others think.

Bread with a clumsy soy mayonnaise heart (it's really hard when you don't have it in a squeeze bottle), cheezy chickpea salad (from vegan lunch box cookbook), Orgran outback animals and chocolate.

Mr T is such a sweetie, he has decided to share his Chinese new year treats early with his co workers that won't have any extra treats tomorrow or anyone special to share the commercial day with.

Spiced sunflower seeds, sweet lotus seeds, and sugared sweet melon.

Remind me to tell you about the meaning of each later.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Violence does not solve anything

I've just discovered that my step brother was bashed on the weekend. He is left with two black eyes, all sorts of cuts and bruises and some sort of brain damage.

He's only 20 but now acts like a small child due to the brain damage, he can't drinve, he might not be able to work ever again.

I have so much anger and disgust right now for the asshole who did it.

How could someone do that?

I know that a lot of it stems from issues at a societal level. Violence is everywhere: games, tv, movies, news, the playground.

A little bit of violence is accepted as just 'boys being boys' and some people actually enjoy seeing others beaten up in the name of 'sport' .

It is also how our country along with many others try to solve problems through war.

I know you are probably wondering why was he was beaten? The problem with that question is that many people try to victim blame to make themself feel better, so then they can feel safer in the fake knowledge that it couldn't happen to them. The truth is I don't know the full story yet, maybe I never will. But it really doesn't matter, no one deserves violence against them (except for self defense but that is a different story) especially like this.

I really can't understand how someone can live with themself after doing this to someone.
Sustainable living festival

The sustainable living festival is on next weekend(feb 16-18th) at federation square.

There looks like there will be all sorts of great stalls, talks and activities. The talks range from 'learning how to grow a water wise garden' to 'the ethics of what we eat' by Peter Singer. There will also be art, films and other performances.

Plus there will be kids activities and they are trying to encourage people to ride there.

Go check out what is on and when at the website.

I think my problem is going to be trying to choose what day to go.

I have only had a quick look but already I want to check out quite few stalls and check out Peter singers talk, the laughter yoga session, removing our white blindfolds, and freedom on wheels-bikes are perfect transport for young women.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

One entry point into the bike path in Brunswick

I exercise now

I am so proud of myself, after a couple of years of no exercise I am back exercising and regularly too.

I really do owe it to the location, I am right near the bike track and it is 5 min walk or 3 min ride to Brunswick baths. Plus everything else (shops, public transport, etc) is within walking distance.

I started attending a yoga class at the Brunswick baths 3 weeks ago thinking I will ease myself back into exercise by doing what I thought would be gentle. I was wrong, while I have been to yoga classes before this is the first one that I actually feel that I am pushing myself in thanks to a great instructor who stops me from slacking off and continually pushes me in the right way. I was sore in muscles I didn't know existed for a few days after.

I also ride my bike a couple of times a week on my own little route on the bike path. I love the bike path, love the kids enthusiastically riding past me, the people walking their dogs and chatting and the runners. It's great and I am not concerned about cars hitting me. On my route there is quite a small but steep hill and the first couple of times I found myself having to get off the bike and walk up it. But I now ride up, not very fast but still I make it. Eventually I want to work myself up to riding home from work, but I'm still a long way away from that.

Mr T and I also go for weekly walks.

I just hope that I can keep up my current routine once uni starts back.

I really do feel great, sore but great.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Discovering more about Brunswick's bargains
A few of today's bargains

Mr T and I decided to go for a little stroll around Brunswick and we discovered lots of great places to find bargains.

Firstly I bought 3 things at the living doll factory outlet where eveything is $5, I'm not sure of the address but it is opposite the barkley square car park. Just past the brunswick hotel. I think it might be called Weston st but I could be wrong. The sale is only on this weekend though.

We then strolled into a few second hand shops on sydney rd where I found an antique gift for my mother that I'm sure she will love.

We then went to the mountain bread factory outlet on victoria st where we picked up some barley mountain bread and some foul medamas. On the opposite side of victoria street we discovered a nut factory outlet where I bought some dried cranberries, walnuts, and almonds all for $1.50 a bag. Their prices were excellent I also got 2 containers of organic juice for $3.50 (that's for 2 not 1). They had all sorts of cheap products that we could have bought too including lollies, halva, beans, lentils, pickled turnips, and lots more Mediterranean and Middle Eastern products.

On a side street on the way back to Sydney rd from Victoria st we also discovered a second hand furniture store were Mr T found a $5 desk, and right opposite it there happened to be a big garage sale where Mr T found a wooden chair to go with his desk for $5 and I found some fun material that she gave to me for free, thanks!

All and all it was a good day especially considering we weren't gone for very long. Mr T joked that we could easily have 'discover bargains in Brunswick' walking tours.
Want inspiration for things to do this weekend?

I have two recommendations if you are in Melbourne, both are close to each other though so you could do both.

1. Go see a free dance show (with live music and some art displaced on the walls) at kick gallery-239 High St, Northcote- sat night(well tonight) at 8.30pm. It's likely to be different to anything you have ever seen before and they have cushions so you can sit on the floor in a comfortable almost like I'm in someones living room watching a life performance feeling. Although I recommend going early so you get a cushion or a chair since it's small venue and free so it fills up really quickly.

2. Go and check out coco loco at 219 high st Northcote. Coco loco have amazing chocolate drinks with the choice of their 'kashew mylk' which are by the far the best tasting chocolate drinks anywhere. You can have their drinks hot, or cold, with alcohol or without and with cows milk if that is your thing, and they have many different types of drinks and you can choose how rich you want it (1,2 or 3) . I had a cold 'kashew mylk' chocolate orange flavoured drink at the highest rich level (3) because I love rich. It reminded me of green and blacks maya gold chocolate combined with truffles and in liquid form. Mmmmmmmmm I want more now. Although probably not a good idea since I am now wide awake as a result of drinking it right before bed time. They also sell truffles and coffees and other stuff. Go and check it out and then come back and thank me. But warning they are only opened after 8.30pm.
A Confession

I have a confession to make, a very 'unAustralian' confession to make.

I don't really like beaches. No I like the look and sound of the ocean I just don't like going to the beach and sunbaking and swimming.

I went today. The first time all summer. Last summer I don't think I even went.

I recently made the comment to someone that 'it was going to be too hot' to go to the beach and they thought I was crazy. But think about it, lets wait til it late 38c and then go and expose lots of skin in the sun near water which is going to further reflect the sun rays onto you.

I did my best to avoid increasing my risk of skin cancer today by putting on layer and layers of sunscreen, wearing a hat and sunglasses yet still managed to get sunburnt. There is a reason we have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Well several, but one thing that I keep reminding myself is that my ancestors were English and well my skin is better suited to their cold climate. Not for laying or bathing in hot weather in very little clothing.

I think that is probably one of the biggest differences with me and most people in Australia, I don't feel the need to be tanned. I'm happy with my pasty skin which is likely to have less wrinkles then everyone else when I get older.

The second issue I have with the beach is sand. I hate how it gets everywhere, in your bag, in your car, on your body (especially at beaches that don't have showers). I also hate walking on our sand, with all the rocks and hard shells, and occasional glass, and yes I am afraid of syringes too depending on the beach. It just doesn't feel good walking on our sand just hard and well kind of yucky.

I guess I've also noticed that many of the beach people are not my type of people. Yes I'm talking about surfers and I'm going to make a few generalisations. My brother and many of his friends were quite into surfing culture and still are a little bit and I am yet to meet a surfer that I really get along with. And there is a difference between someone who knows how to surf and a surfer. For a 'surfer' it's a lifestyle, not just something they can do. I woul love to be proven wrong with this one though not sure how that will happen with my dislike of beaches.

Lastly, I hate actually going in the water, well past my ankles anyway. I've been bitten by a jellyfish before so I don't like them at all. And I don't like walking in the water onto sharp rocks, and feeling slimy seaweed. Just the whole not knowing what is on my leg or what I stepped on. Also, the water is just too cold. Not to mention other nasty dangerous creatures that lurk in our beaches.

I've tried to like going to the beach I really have, I've even reduced my hate of sand over the years but I just can't like it. Sorry!

Maybe it's just Australian beaches though, I loved phi phi island in Thailand with its probably fake perfect sand and water without seaweed and jellyfish.