Saturday, July 21, 2007

I may not post for a little while, at least until I finish the latest harry potter book.

Monday, July 16, 2007

You win, you lose some

I found a car and if all goes to plan tomorrow I will pick it up tomorrow evening. It's Mr T and I's first massive purchase together. It's scary stuff buying a car, thankfully it will be all over soon.

I decided to go for a bit of a change and cut my hair. Big, big, big mistake. I have the haircut of a 50 year old women, it's a longish bob. Its is by the far the worst look on me ever!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dhall Bar

Mr T and I tested out Melbourne's newest veg restaurant tonight: Dhall Bar.

It's located on St Georges Rd North Fitzroy very close to Merri Creek. Don't know the number sorry!

The restaurant has only been open for 2 weeks but there were over half a dozen people dining when we were there and many more coming in for for take away. It's open from 5pm Wed to Sat.

The menu is mostly Indian, and the vast majority of options are vegan and wheat free. The menu also reports that they cook with olive oil in moderation and use only organic vegetable produce. The prices were very good the most expensive things on the menu were $11.50. We had Vadai-white lentil spinach and red onion fritters (2 for $4.00), three dhal risotto with pumpkin and coriander ($11.50), and traditional dosai (made from white lentil and basmati rice pancake mix) with potato and spices ($9.50). The vadai was slightly disappointing but the mains were great. The dosai had just the right amount of spiciness, and the dhal risotto was nice and creamy. The service was unbeatable, we were seated quickly, our water glasses were topped up regularly and we were asked by both the waiter and the chef what we thought of the meals. The interior was a little funkier than other Indian restaurants too, there was candles lit at each table and a few couches.

I look forward to going back with a group of friends and trying a few of the other dishes especially the tofu butter masala and the tamarind eggplant.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cristy from no pod has kindly passed on the rockin girl blogger award to me, thanks!

I will now pass it to another 5 rockin' girls, all of which are rockin although not necessarily great at updating their blogs regularly (you know who you are).
I have a special skill

It's called laziness. I realised just how special it was on Friday when my co-workers and I were stuck not able to do work for about 30 minutes. They started looking for work to do and complained about how the last 30 minutes would take forever. I on the other hand checked my email and read through a car magazine and the time flew by.

I realised it again today when I spend probably way too long joining groups and inviting friends to facebook instead of working on my thesis or doing housework.

Some people are just blessed I guess!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The nice mechanic who made me cry

I took my car to a new mechanic today to get a service thinking I hope he doesn't try to rip me off like they normally do.

He didn't.

Instead he told me that to fix my car it would cost well over $1,000 but he honestly wouldn't recommend it since my motor probably won't last another 3 months.

So did I take that in my normal calm adult-like manner and thank him for being honest and for not ripping me off? No, I just cried. The poor mechanic was actually doing the right thing and I just cried and it was a obvious crying sound which I couldn't hide.

All I could think about was 'noooooooooooooooo, not now'. I go from working full time to part time in less than a month and I struggle with bills and rent working full time. How can I possibly afford to buy another car now? That and my hormones were going crazy. I finally redeemed myself a little bit by telling him I would call him back.

I can't believe I cried at work in front of my boss, on the phone to a mechanic and about such a stupid thing as money and a car. It all seems so silly now.

Especially when I think well it's better now than next month when I will struggle to actually get finance for a car, plus it will mean I can actually get a car with heating that works and maybe even air-conditioning. Plus I've had that car which is my first car for over 8 years with no problems so I can't really complain.

I eventually called him back and advised him I didn't want it fixed, and when I went to pick it up he wouldn't accept any money from me even though he had already changed the wipers and my clutch. He apologised for delivering bad news and I apologised for acting like a baby and I tried to explain that by all means it was not him just me.

Now that is what I call a nice mechanic! I just wish I hadn't made him feel so bad. I was thinking maybe I should get him a gift to apologise/thank him, any suggestions?

Or anyone have recommendations for a eco-friendly car that is reliable and cheap-ish? I'm thinking around $7000 ish.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

We Heart Molly

I know some of you are dying to know how she is going ;-)

She is doing really well, she plays now with her toys, she has adapted really well to changes with her food, her litter, her new home and Mr T and I.

It's Mr T's first companion animal and while I have lived with both cats and dogs growing up it's different away from the family home. We are responsible for feeding her, for cleaning her litter, for playing with her, and for spoiling her with lots of patting and I think because it is just the two of us and her the connection is even stronger.

I have to admit we both had quite a few concerns about her coming to live with us. Concerns about how we would have to cat proof our foods since our food is kept in packets in a open kitchen trolley, how much work it would be caring for her, whether she would like us, whether she would hate apartment life, and just generally whether we would be good companions for a cat.

However, she has not been a nuisance, she hasn't tried to eat our food, she is not a lot of work and is very well house trained. She seems to enjoy her new home and enjoy lots of patting that she gets from Mr T and I, and she hasn't even expressed any desire to go outside yet.

Our only surprise is how much we have both fallen in love with her, and how much pleasure she has brought to both of our lives. We laugh at her playing with my hair tie, are in awe at the way she washes her head with her hand, find comfort in her sleeping, purring and kneading on our laps. Our only problem is we actually have to share lap time.