Monday, June 07, 2004

A conversation with two supposably rational adults over changing the water of goldfish bowl.

Me: i don't want to do it, i'm scared they will get scared or i'll hurt them or something

Him: Me too

Me: how are we going to do this?

Him: maybe a spoon?

Me: Ok

Him: no they might jump and die

Me: yes

Him: maybe a cup

yes: the black one

Him: we won't use the black cup again

Me: Ok, i'm going to do this, arghhhhhhhh sorry little fishy don't get scared

After a minute or two i've procastinating he takes the cup from my hand

Him: ok i'll do it- come on in babe

Me: what?

Him: no not you i have another babe.

Me: of course your talking to the fish

Him: Come in (trying to corner the fish into coming into the mug)

Me: maybe the fish associates black with sharks or something

Finally the first fish goes in the cup.

Me: now we just need to get his brother

After several attempts the second fish also goes in the mug.

And we have two goldfish in the extra bowl.

I then clean out the bowl in the sink (kitchen) and he asks 'are we going to wash the dishes in this sink'

I shake my head but can kind of see how that idea is gross to him.

After much and i mean much conversation of the best technique i've getting them back in the the now clean water we finally achieve the desired outcome.

Me: do you think they are happier in cleaner water?

Him: i don't think any being is happier trapped and stuck inside a bowl

Me: true, maybe we should release them

Him: yes

Me: but then maybe they won't survive; their not street smart anymore, well river smart or whatever

He just shakes his head.

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