Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A couple of things that i love and wish not to forget about him

His constant explantion of how a chinese saying perfecly fits the solution (half of wish i think he makes up)

his passion for music

him making me breakfast for me every morning

the effect he has on me where i constantly feel more relaxed and calmer

the total respect he has for me

his very strong moral standards

his horrible mock dancing (morrisey inspired :-0 )

his interesting facts (mostly music based) - i feel like i'm always learning

the fact that lives in one of the most conformist based societies and yet so rarely conforms

his hugs

his playfullness and energy

his cheekyness

the way he goes out of his way to help others

and also has no qualms about asking others for help or advice

his ability to put up with me even in the worst moods and just very politely tell me when i am by far out of line in my behaviour

the way in which we are both able to calmly and reasonably discuss and reflect on any arguments

his perservence in our relationship when i started to try to run away

the fact that he lives in such a fast paced crazy city and yet is one of the most laid back people i have met

the fact that our relationship has no game playing and that almost everything is explicity discussed

his little artistic photos with that annoying camera

his dedication for his passions no matter how time consuming

his ability to express his feelings (mind you in his second or third language)

our little walks at night time

his concern for my health at so much at a sneeze or cough

the way he makes me laugh at the stupidist things

his horrible horrible horrible singing

his wise advise

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