Friday, March 25, 2005

I officially hate Good Friday!

The last two were spent in HK and i forgot how inconvenient it is here. It frustrates me that i can't even go to the supermarket if I wanted to.

This time last year I was in HK visiting a restaurant i refer to as the $23 place- (my fav restaurant there) for the first time with Toby who was telling me about his short film called jellyfish. I remember asking him why jellyfish and he replied with something about how jellyfish are like youth- beautiful and easy to get hurt. By that stage i was completely smitten by him-but of course nothing had eventuated YET.

This year am in melb and having a case of the birthday blues as Erin would call it combined with a huge dislike of good friday has caused one big yucky day. I got my hair done last night. It is coloured a dark chocolate brown. However like last time it appears to be black- i know it will fade but right now its driving me crazy-i also wanted to add a little more of a fringe and my lovely friend Amber come over and did her magic. Still hate the colour though. And todays weather was not melbournes greatest.

I am in such a crappy mood that i cancelled my own birthday drinks tonight.

Tomorrow though i plan to make up for it though by going out for breakfast, lunch and dinner, shopping and a friends party.

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