Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Where’s the proof?

After waking up and feeling somewhat like death walking I called in sick. Which meant that I had to get a doctor to tell me what I already know-that I am in fact sick and get a doctors certificate.

I have two major issues with this. First, finding a doctor in the western suburbs is almost like panning for gold. With my extremely sore throat I called up 12 doctors offices only to be told that either they are not taking new patients or that they are full today and that I might be able to get in tomorrow or as the uni medical service said 'next week'. Then even if you can get in to the doctors it quite often involves waiting for hours. I'll never forget going with a friend to the doctors in Northcote and learning that this wasn't the same everywhere.

The second issue i have is that when it comes to issues like period pain, sinus problems, cold/flu, or a migraine there is nothing a doctor can really do. Today I finally did get in to a random doctor he told me to get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids etc. No news there! He also prescribed antibiotics. Now i have had enough sinus infections in my life to know that I'm now immune to those antibiotics because they have been so over prescribed. I hate to think what they have already done to my body. The last thing I need when I am genuinely sick is to go to and PAY a doctor. Why can't I get a naturopaths certificate or even a traditional chinese medicine certificate (written for Toby’s benefit-because he actually goes to two doctors offices when he is sick).

Tomorrow I will go to work feeling not better but at least Ill have a little piece of paper with some scribble on it to show for my effort.

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T said...

Take care!
I dun need doctor's note now ^_^