Monday, June 12, 2006

I have a camera again-Yayyy

Thanks to the insurance company, and plus I spent a little to upgrade (more pics more zoom, bigger screen, and better brand) But what do I have to take pics of?

Food of course.

Courtesy of vegweb- the 'best minestrone soup ever'. I've made it a few times and i'm a fan, you have to be careful of how much tomato sauce you put in it though. I skipped the pasat this time because i started making it and then realised we hasd run out. Ohhps!

And a new recipe from vegie food. That cookbook has been sitting on my shelf for a year or so and its the first recipe from it, and I was impressed. I normally don't like veg cookbooks because they put too much reliance on dairy in particular cheese-pllllllleasssse get a little bit original. However, this one is not bad and lots of pretty food pics.

It was a simple recipe and very tasty. It basically consisted of green beans, pumpkin, coconut cream, yellow curry paste, lime juice, soy sauce (braggs) and coriander and it was supposed to have cashews in it but we ran out so I used toasted Macadamia nuts. Next time I will add in some tofu and maybe some more veg.

This is served on a plate for Mr T with some brown rice on the side. He prefers plates while I'm strictly a bowl gal. I would eat toast out of a bowl if I could.


-A. said...

I've recently started cooking with coriander, and I love it! I used to think it belonged only in Asian cooking, but I've started sprinking it on nachos, pizza and in salads... at my house it's a World Cup of food party and everyone's invited (so long as they bring coriander).

Cook on!

kristy said...

Yes i'm hooked too! It all started with that african sweet potato stew. The one you kindly printed out for me!