Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Brisbane =amazing vegan food. Part 1

I know, I know who would have thought it? Certainly not me. It seriously gives Melb a good run for it's money as the most vegan friendly city title. I'm not saying it should win but it should least come runner up.

First up we arrived super early on sat morning and went to the westend market before we even went to our hotel as I was told that some of the vegan food can be sold out if you go late, boy am I glad I did! I found Ykillamoocow stall, where I had a vegan dagwood dog, yes you heard me right, a vegan DAGWOOD dog:

they also had no bull pies which in my opinion are 10 times better than la panella pies

and choc macadamia cupcakes, that's a choc covered macadamia nut on top

Here are the guys in action. I told them they should sell their food in Melb but I don't think they will move :-(. They also sell samosas and veg but not vegan spinach and fetta pies. All of their food was AMAZING!!!!

I kind of wish I didn't eat the whole cupcake myself though because I walked around the corner and found this stall selling vegan cupcakes:

Mr T said we don't need to buy cupcakes since we make them ourselves, but I told him he was crazy and got an apple and cinnamon cupcake:

The cupcake itself was slightly dense in a good way and the texture of the icing was amazing, not like the texture of the icing that we generally make from nuttlex. I wonder what they used... The taste was great, it kind of reminded me of the taste of warheads or some other type of lolly/candy. Some of their profit where going to a charity/NGO but I didn't pay attention where to because I was so excited by all of the different flavours, peanut butter, mango, strawberries and cream and more.

I also got these super cute earrings made out of buttons:
Davies Park Markets at West End
Saturdays from 6am - 2pm

More to come on Brisbane......


Philippa O said...

YAY!!! vegan dagwood dogs are amazing!!! I've had them a couple of times and i love love love them! and yes, the no bull pies are way better than the ones here. i'll have to go to brisbane soon to try those cupcakes though, they weren't there the last time

Mandee said...

Woh, go Brisvegas! Now I want to go back there and to Melb.

a vegan about town said...

This post was so misleading! I thought 'best food ever' meant you had heaps of places to talk about, but you only just got there!

Léna, said...

A & I visited the 2nd week they had set up the table at the green flea markets. those kids are working really hard. I think at the moment, money raised from the cupcake sales is going towards the Sea Shepherd! AMAZING!
Also the same kids organising the distro have brought back FoodNotBombs to Brisbane on Friday nights in West End.

My favourite thing about their stall at the Green Flea is the close proximity their position had to the boo-jwa OMNICUPCAKES van but the fact that you were more likely to see the DIYVEGANYAY cupcakes before those ones. hehehehe!

also I have had three coffees this morning.