Saturday, April 03, 2004

Not just a book

This lovely woman referred me to this book:

A language older than words

and i love it. Its so raw, so emotional and so true in so many ways.

While i don't agree with everything, he raises so many great points:

On religion:

" It is easier to listen to the voice of God than it is listen to the voice of one's conscience."

"A primary purpose of Judeo-Christian culture has not been to move us toward a community where the teaching of someone like Jesus- simple and necessary suggestions for how to get along with each other- are made manifest in all aspects of life, but instead to provide a theological framework for a system of exploitation'

From my fav chapter (Silencing):

"Think for a moment about the figure i gave earlier: twenty-five percent of all women in this culture are raped dung their lifetimes. One out of four. Next, think for a moment about the number of children beaten, or of the hundred and fifty million, one hundred and fifty million- enslaved, carrying bricks, chained to looms, chained to beds. If you were not one of the women raped, if you were not one of the children beaten, if you were not one of the children enslaved, these numbered probably don't mean much to you. This is understandable. Consider your own life, the ways you deny your own experience, the ways you have to deaden your empathies to get through the day"

"We don't stop these atrocities, because we don't talk about them. We don't talk about them, because we don't think about them, because they're too horrific to comprehend".

Thank you Emma!

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