Saturday, April 10, 2004


Of course my four day weekend where I have the house to myself is ruined by this ridiculous disgusting phlegmy cough.

I always seem to be sick here. Ok the last time i caused it upon myself with alcohol and i guess i haven't been taking good care of myself lately either eating lots of soy chocolate choc chip ice cream, green and blacks chocolate, pretzels and vo cake. As well as up staying up late everynight chatting with a certain someone. Plus all my students don't seem to understand covering their mouths when they cough and/or sneeze.

Toby (see previous two entries) has been great offering to come and take care of me. But who wants to be seen at their worst- all miserable inside and out by someone you like especially in the early stages of relationship? I really appreciate his determination to try though and his Chinese medicine advice and general support via text messages. Pretty impressive that he evens has time to consider me or my health since he is working such crazy hours (til 2am). Being taken care of when sick is something very very high on my list of required qualities in a partner. So high that when a certain ex was un-empathetic i considering breaking it off with him straight away .

Yes i admit it i'm a big baby when i'm sick.

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