Monday, September 20, 2004

It only just hit me.

How important the decision is.

If i don't leave.

Toby will give up his job (which he loves), family and friends to move to Melbourne without even visiting it.

I'm not even sure how well he do with communication. I'm sure the stronger Aussie accent will confuse him. His average English will no doubt cause a few problems for employment here too.

One of the options we discussed is me going back for a year or two allowing me time to discover whether i want to do my masters, allowing him to learn from his new role and improve his English.

It will only be for a few years because while HK is great while i am young, its not somewhere i want to live forever. Besides i just couldn't do it to my family whereas he is not very close with his family.

Whatever happens there will be some huge sacrifices from both parts.

Its such a struggle to be together but one i'm not willing to give in to without a huge fight.

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