Sunday, January 30, 2005

St Kilda beach at night Posted by Hello

"When you know, you know"

my co worker said this to me today

and i realised I am not the only one who gets it

when you know about someone you just do

you can't really explain it beyond that

i wished i knew this in prior relationships

and wish i could more accurately explain it to others who doubt my relationship

another thing is being 'true to yourself'

i had an ex who would always say that

how often do we self talk our way into and out of things

"but we have been through so much"

"i just want it to go back to how it was"


i am so bloody fortunate to learn thats not the way it is supposed to be

if you want more from a relationship

than you can most probably get more from someone else


Anonymous said...

or you can "just know" for a few years before you go crazy and *think* there's more out there (not speaking from experience or anything)


kristy said...

yeh i have 'known' before too but not really knowing just thinking i know

but now i know

god i have such a way with words