Saturday, January 22, 2005

Things that make me feel just a tad nervous:
  • doing my masters-homework, placements, thesis, just being back there after being away for a couple of years.
  • being poor (and in debt)-largely due to the above
  • trying to organise a very small wedding with no money and a fiance who is five billion miles away
  • trying to organise an additional wedding celebration thingy in hong kong (like we can even afford one wedding)
  • immigration stuff-isn't it enough that we are in a genuine relationship? why is it so hard to prove?
  • meeting the mother in law who speaks no English- and to which i can say only a couple of sentences too, somehow i don't think she wants me to ask repeatedly 'what would you like to drink?' or to hear 'that i love mangos'. Plus i can't even say the mother in law term that i need to address her in cantonese. And she is most probably going to automatically hate me since her son is 'supposed' to be taking care of her is moving to melb. (did i mention he still hasn't told them?)
  • Toby finding a job here asap and then getting a ok-ish job a little later

there are a few other things but they seem trivial in comparison to the above

1 comment: said...

Is your fiance really 5 billion miles away or is that a bit of exaggeration. I actually love the exaggeration; it shows how much you miss and love him/her.

Good luck with everything though. Visit my blog and cheer up for now.