Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Another view form apartment window in HK- across Hong Kong harbour. Emily on the left- and me facing her on the right. Posted by Hello

While I didn't get any lai see (red enevelopes with money in it) this year. My start to the chinese new year was great. After days of moping and not being myself at all i feel back and refreshed due to:
  • Toby finally telling his family- and them not reacting too badly
  • Him making me laugh for a good 5 minutes over some stupid joke last night
  • Going outside today and walking around Melbourne
  • Haighs Dark choc peppermint frogs
  • Getting 4 out of my 12 things to do crossed off my to do list
  • hanging out with my co-worker Jerome who put up with lots of shopping for things that didn't interest him like rings
  • Erin's kick ass amazing noodle salad with smoked tofu- mmmmmmmmmm it brought me back to foodie world

It gooood to be back!

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