Sunday, February 13, 2005

Its just a frigging Ring

Toby and I have been looking at and discussing rings and come across a few issues that most people don't seem to consider with female engagement rings.


Ethically Toby and I do not want to support the many horrible factors regarding them including: terrible human rights abuses, ecological consequence of mining and the marketing. See UN and Amensty international, and 10 reasons why... .

Diamond look alikes

While we both have problems with diamonds I don't have problem with the way they look. While doing my research i come across many alternatives. Eg: moissanite, asha and of course cheaper CZ's. In the end though i realised that i had now had all these negative associations with the appearance anyway. Plus i am kind of fueling the whole 'your e-ring has to be a diamond' crowd because many will assume it is a diamond.


I do not want a ring which costs a ridiculous amount. The standard cost of many rings i have seen on acquaintances are more than my car-a lot more. Some even go into debt for it. Its a frigging ring. While i'm sure that many people 'need' an expensive one to 'show' he cares. I can't help but wondering how they justify it? I mean really it will soon be 'our' money. Money that could be going towards things like a honeymoon, a house, a car, a good cause and a thousand other things. In our case him moving here (visa fees- relocation costs-airfare etc costs a lot).


I not longer like the look of yellow gold and most white gold has to be re-rhodium plated every 12-18 months.

That as long with the ecological problems with gold mining (see here) has got us looking for alternatives.

platinum has the cost issue (see above).

Silver, and titanium are looking pretty good right about now.

I also found a great site which offers ecological responsible ring which are made from recycled gold called GreenKarot we will probably get our wedding bands from.

And as for the whole feminist issue with having a e-ring at all. Well he gets one too. Equality all around.

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