Friday, April 15, 2005

Late Bright Eyes Review

My friend who was going with me piked at the last minute leaving me with an extra ticket to give away and it was actually a hard task to find someone. My friends either belonged to the group of people who don't appreciate bright eyes, or had plans (ie-a hot date). Thankfully I remembered with only a couple of hours to spare that Claire had just got back from the UK-someone who would actually appreciate the show.

The show was amazing.

I think the Faster Louder review summarises it quite well with the below paragraph:

"It’s hard to talk about an experience I’m still coming to terms with. It feels like I saw a really great movie, Conor Oberst drew us away from reality for two hours. Two hours that may have just changed my life. It’s not very often a band has such an effect on me. Normally I walk away from a gig I’ve loved saying "Wow!", gush for a little while, and then inevitably forget most of the gig in the following weeks. This won’t happen with Bright Eyes."

There was little audience interaction-including no 'its so great to be in ......... (Insert city name)' line that musicians are so fond of-thankfully. He did however tease us by saying he is going to combine a few of the most popular requests we kept screaming for (eg haligh haligh) into a new song-only to play a new completely separate song-bastard!

I went expecting songs from his new album 'Digital Ash in a Digital Urn' only to learn that it was a promotion tour of 'I'm Wide Awake, It's morning' (the folkier one) so he played almost all songs from that album and none from 'Digital Ash in a Digital Urn' which he released at the same time.

I wasn't sure what it would be like sharing a ballad like 'One foot in front of the other' with everyone in the audience-but when he started playing it on his knees I almost forgot everyone around me, he drew me in completely!

He also played a few extra songs including 'when the president talks to god' with unforgettable lyrics and another called 'true blue' with possibly the worst lyrics-which only he could pull off as a great song.

With his greasy hair, eyeshadow and the occasionally spitting (unintentionally) -you would think Connor would be quite unattractive but thats not quite the case. There is something about him, his stage presence/ charisma that I can't even begin to describe!

I walked away from it wanting to quit my masters and concentrate on a music career (playing the drums-which I’m yet to learn how to play).

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