Wednesday, April 20, 2005

When good news becomes bad news!

when we are just about to hand in the immigration papers (only took 4 months of preparation)

and then Mr T's boss offers him a great career opportunity- to be a director in 6 months time

Just when I thought I was comfortable in Melbourne again and feeling ok with the decision we made-him moving here. I'm back at the beginning but worse.

Confused only becomes to describe how I feel right now!

I think we are both in positions where we are looking out for the other first-Mr T's still insisting that he's coming to Melb although he has admitted that he is slightly tempted to stay and I'm leaning toward returning. What type of fiance allows the other to miss out on such a great opportunity? Its bad enough that such great news has become bad news and that he can't even enjoy it without thinking about what it means to us.

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