Saturday, October 14, 2006

I Heart Brunswick

Thats where out new apartment is.

It was probably our second or even third choice of location, but in many ways I think it has turned out better than the first and second options.

We have two tram lines to choose from and a train station all within a 5 minute walk. My fav though is the 55 tram which has its own little line that seems to go quicker than other trams (15 min to city) plus it goes past the zoo and you can actually see elephants on the tram as you go past.

I'm also enjoying walking to the supermarket and walking out to dinner. 2 veg restaurants near by. Yay!

I also discovered a laundromat around the corner which has a vending machine that sells little pieces of art (pictures, poems and cds) instead of food. Pictures to come later (when we have the internet connected).

We still however have furniture and space problems, but right I don't mind. It's got location, bright coloured walls and more importantly its ours (well not to keep but you know what I mean).

Will post again once I have the internet connected.


Anonymous said...

Snack bar art is fantastic.
Me and my girlfriend go to spoon (lentil as africa) then hang around in the laundromat for a while using all our gold coins on the art,

kristy said...

I love spoon, prefer it to the other lentil as anything in brunswick.