Sunday, October 29, 2006

World Vegan Day 2006

It was different this year. Much more food but less pretty things to look at.

Food wise Mr T and I regretted eating from the first option we saw because there was so many other stalls selling great looking food. We started off with 2 burgers, a tempeh one for me and a mexicana one for Mr T. We did however managed to fit in a little more: a mini praline cheesecake, amazing nachos, lots and lots of free chocolate samples, other free samples of different pates and vegan cheeses, a chocolate cupcake, and truffles.

Probably the biggest highlight apart from the food was discovering the laptop lunch boxes. Yay we can get them here without having to pay large large delivery costs. They even had a copy of the yet to be released Vegan lunchbox book.

I also liked the soy candles:

As for the food, we munched down all of it too quickly to take pictures, except for this gorgeous looking cupcake (below) which as you can probably tell from the pic made it away from the event and as far as the train station. However it didn't make it much further from there.

I also had some interesting conversations with one of the sea shepherd staff memmbers at the sea shephard stall. The sea shephard ship is at docklands until december and you go up on the ship and check it out. Have added it to to my list of things to do.

It was a good day though and worth the trip out all the way to Malvern East.

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