Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happy List

I feel as if my last few posts have been all kind of negative, and while I love to vent I also like to write about happy stuff. So here is it my current happy list:

* chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate
* acupuncture
* my bike
* dvds- especially tv series dvds like gilmore girls
* arranging my birthday day picnic
* new food accessories including a butterfly vegetable cutter (see pic below, yes i'm a food nerd and proud)
* bonding with my little sister for the first time in a long while
* exploratory walks with Mr T to different locations
* catching up my brother who seems to be 'deeply in love'
* engaging and/or reflecting and just feeling inspired by stuff in the online world (eg: great feminist posts by amazing women, or cute food pics on flickr)
* catching up with friends
* my new adorable puy (french green) lentil package thanks to honey (see below)

Btw, does anyone remember the happy lists blog/site that used to be around?


p. said...

I don't know of the happy list, but I like The Daily Nice, which is a photo a day, with no commentary. They are always nice too and that makes me happy.

BTW, L is a girl. Sorry, should of mentioned that in the post!

emma said...

I remember happy lists :)

I think it was run by the lovely Daniele Young.