Tuesday, March 13, 2007

No more drinking for me

I wanted to post about how I have vowed to give up drinking, but it's my birthday in 2 weeks so I might postpone the actual giving up for a fortnight.

I've been thinking about it for a while. At first I thought that being vegan and not drinking alcohol people are going to think I am the strangest person on earth but then I realised that's pretty much what I do now and it doesn't get that many weird reactions.

I go out all the time without drinking, and really don't understand the need to have a drink to relax or have fun. When I do drink even a tiny bit I just get sleepy and my stomach always seems to react afterwards. So why should I bother at all?

It's just not for me. How very 'un-Australian' of me.

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emma said...

I am pretty much in the same boat, I very seldom drink anything. Alcohol makes my brain chemistry go haywire. The day after partying I always feel so bad and get these horrible crying episodes. And I don't feel really okay for a day or two afterwards.

Something like a glass of wine with dinner is fine for me, but that's about all I want to drink.