Sunday, July 01, 2007

We Heart Molly

I know some of you are dying to know how she is going ;-)

She is doing really well, she plays now with her toys, she has adapted really well to changes with her food, her litter, her new home and Mr T and I.

It's Mr T's first companion animal and while I have lived with both cats and dogs growing up it's different away from the family home. We are responsible for feeding her, for cleaning her litter, for playing with her, and for spoiling her with lots of patting and I think because it is just the two of us and her the connection is even stronger.

I have to admit we both had quite a few concerns about her coming to live with us. Concerns about how we would have to cat proof our foods since our food is kept in packets in a open kitchen trolley, how much work it would be caring for her, whether she would like us, whether she would hate apartment life, and just generally whether we would be good companions for a cat.

However, she has not been a nuisance, she hasn't tried to eat our food, she is not a lot of work and is very well house trained. She seems to enjoy her new home and enjoy lots of patting that she gets from Mr T and I, and she hasn't even expressed any desire to go outside yet.

Our only surprise is how much we have both fallen in love with her, and how much pleasure she has brought to both of our lives. We laugh at her playing with my hair tie, are in awe at the way she washes her head with her hand, find comfort in her sleeping, purring and kneading on our laps. Our only problem is we actually have to share lap time.


PoeticJaffaCake said...

Just stumbled on your blog while going through lots of vegan stuff. I'm a new convert lol. I intend to keep reading your blog as well as writing mine.

Theresa said...

She's beautiful!

kristy said...

Theresa, thanks! I think she's probably not conventionally beautiful but we think she is anyway!

Poeticjaffcake, thanks for stopping by. I'll be sure to check out your blog soon.