Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The nice mechanic who made me cry

I took my car to a new mechanic today to get a service thinking I hope he doesn't try to rip me off like they normally do.

He didn't.

Instead he told me that to fix my car it would cost well over $1,000 but he honestly wouldn't recommend it since my motor probably won't last another 3 months.

So did I take that in my normal calm adult-like manner and thank him for being honest and for not ripping me off? No, I just cried. The poor mechanic was actually doing the right thing and I just cried and it was a obvious crying sound which I couldn't hide.

All I could think about was 'noooooooooooooooo, not now'. I go from working full time to part time in less than a month and I struggle with bills and rent working full time. How can I possibly afford to buy another car now? That and my hormones were going crazy. I finally redeemed myself a little bit by telling him I would call him back.

I can't believe I cried at work in front of my boss, on the phone to a mechanic and about such a stupid thing as money and a car. It all seems so silly now.

Especially when I think well it's better now than next month when I will struggle to actually get finance for a car, plus it will mean I can actually get a car with heating that works and maybe even air-conditioning. Plus I've had that car which is my first car for over 8 years with no problems so I can't really complain.

I eventually called him back and advised him I didn't want it fixed, and when I went to pick it up he wouldn't accept any money from me even though he had already changed the wipers and my clutch. He apologised for delivering bad news and I apologised for acting like a baby and I tried to explain that by all means it was not him just me.

Now that is what I call a nice mechanic! I just wish I hadn't made him feel so bad. I was thinking maybe I should get him a gift to apologise/thank him, any suggestions?

Or anyone have recommendations for a eco-friendly car that is reliable and cheap-ish? I'm thinking around $7000 ish.


cristy said...

You poor thing!

Cheap eco-friendly cars are hard to find, but this website - http://www.greenvehicleguide.gov.au/GVGPublicUI/ApplicationFirstStartTaskWebForm.aspx - is helpful...

kristy said...

that's really cool thanks for the link