Friday, October 26, 2007

Life sucks when you have no money and:

1. you discover that you need to get your wisdom teeth out: goodbye close to $2000
2. you smash your newish car which you have had for only a couple of months in the stupidest way ever.

I feel so stupid right now, I have driven in out of my car parking space for over a year now with no problems at all. Most of the time I had my old falling apart car but to do it now was just horrible. Come to think of it I had my old car for 8-9 years with no accidents at all. The damage to my new car is significant: the paint is all scraped off along one side, it has at least one large dint and one panel actually fell off. The thing is Mr T actually said lets walk to the DVD store and I said no its too cold. God I wish I listened to him. So how did I do it: I misjudged how far away the wall was and how far my car was turning and hit it on a angle trying to maneuver around the corner of my building from my car parking space. No criticism please, I feel bad enough as it is!


cristy said...

Oh Kristy, that sucks. You poor thing.

I once backed into my mother's car when I was broke and had just lost my wallet (with my last remaining cash). Life can be cruel like that.

kristy said...

cristy, today a bird pooed on my head on my way out and I was slightly dressed up for a change and had just washed my hair.

My bad luck spell has got to pass soon I hope!

shawna said...

this is off topic for your post but yes i was at world vegan day but only for about an hour this afternoon(stocked up on cheezly, ate some fake meat, talked to a few friends then left). it probably was me 8)

Renee said...

I had my wisdom teeth out a few months ago - it sucks! Sorry to hear it.