Tuesday, October 02, 2007

There is so much coming up

It's hard to focus on homework with so many social events happening.

Last sat night was the rusty chef 2 fundraiser. The food wasn't the greatest in the world and I really don't understand how food not bombs didn't win. But it was fun and there was lots of vegan food and cheap wine so I really can't complain. I stupidly forgot to take pics of the dishes that we voted on but I did take this one of the entrées provided by lentil as anything.

Yes that is a telstra plate in the corner

Food not bombs team right before their mini food fight

Upcoming events include:

17th October Ride to WorkDay (which I will attempt to do)
28th October World Vegan Day

16th December Gossip show
29th December Built to Spill show

28th January Big Day out featuring Bjork, and Arcade Fire: I was so excited when I heard about Arcade Fire playing that I missed my exit on the freeway on the way to work this morning.

These are just the booked in events there are so many more that are on my maybe list. It's going to be a great summer!

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