Thursday, November 15, 2007

You should adopt an adult cat!

I visited the lost dogs home and the RSPCA recently and was so sad that I just wanted to cry. There were so many cats looking at me and crying and they were so adorable. What's worse is that no-one wants to adopt a adult cat so the vast majority will be killed possibly within days of my visit. So why should you adopt a cat over a kitten? Most of the cats are house trained and know how to use a kitty tray, don't destroy furniture and you can sleep well in the thought that you saved a cat from his/her death unlike kittens which generally have no problem finding a home.

I could easily see myself become a crazy cat lady one day-well a crazy cat couple I guess. How could I walk away from all those sad cute faces knowing they will die!

For now though we are still hoping that there is a chance that Molly will come back plus I live in the smallest one bedroom flat in the world.


Veganista said...

You're so right about the need for people to consider adopting adult cats! As for cat ladies...Josh (hubby) might be the only thing standing in the way of my becoming one. Ha.

I was so so sorry to hear about Molly. I really hope she comes home.

kristy said...


Johanna said...

hi kirsty - enjoyed having a look at your blog - thanks for your comments on my blog - I had to comment on this entry.

We got a cat earlier this year who is such a lovely creature and such a joy to us - we got her from a friend who was allergic to her but she said she got our cat from the lost cats and dogs home when she was 2 years old and the people who worked there said she should have been put down but they thought she was too lovely - it always makes me sad to think how close she came to it - it has been the best thing for us getting a cat who is house trained and a bit more settled rather than a kitten - so I think you are so right about getting older cats and not just the kittens.