Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I finally found a self defence class for me

I have had my heart set on doing a kung fu style called Wing Chun for years and went along to about 4-5 different schools over the last couple of years and even went to a few classes but hated it. It wasn't the style but the feel of each place. I would attend with a male friend and the instructor would address him and not me even though in each case I knew more about the style and I was the one who really interested in joining. Also there was either no females in the class or very little and the atmosphere just seemed a little too macho for me.

So when Mr T who has his own style (Hung Gar) recommended another style Tactical Krav Maga. I continued to say 'No' for a very long time.

I finally decided to go watch a bit of one class just to get him to stop suggesting it. The style was different than what I wanted but the one appeal was that it was run by a female instructor and it had the option of female only classes so I though it can't hurt to spend 30 minutes or so watching. I attended a mixed class and have never had so much fun or laughed more watching any other class. I enjoyed it so much that I watched the whole 90 minute class. It also appeared to be quite basic for the complete beginner like me. The instructor is young and female and not hugely muscular just like me and she had a great sense of humour. It was just so refreshing to be able to really relate to the instructor. The majority of the participants were female which was the reverse of every other class I have ever attended and she made the class fun. She also kind of reminds me of tegan and sara who I am fan of.

If you are curious there is a special one off introduction class this Sunday. It costs more than normal classes but goes for a little longer and is aimed at complete beginners. Here are the details:

When :: 2pm - 4pm, Sunday 25 November 2007
Where :: Level 1, 738 Sydney Road Brunswick VIC
Cost ::
$30 or bring a friend and pay only $25 each
Wear / Bring:: Wear comfortable clothes and joggers. Bring some water to drink.

If you want more details about the school, check out the site here. There are schools in Melbourne and Sydney.


cristy said...

Oh fun. I hope that you end up really enjoying it. It sounds great.

I did Kung Fu for a while (a nontraditional mixed up style) and just loved it. The class was a little macho, but somehow it was still a lot of fun and never felt too serious.

::Toby:: said...

I told you so :-)