Friday, December 28, 2007

Not all vegans are weird

I have only just come to that conclusion. I've been vegan for 5 years and I've only started to make some vegan friends. It's not that I haven't tried. When I first turned vegan I attended various veg*n social things and was put off and almost embarrassed by the vegans that I come across. I found quite a few that gave vegans a bad name and apart from meeting Mr T I stopped trying. Maybe it is because social groups tend to bring some of the strangest types of people together, people perhaps who are isolated for other reasons. Maybe it's also because annoying vegans tend to be louder and drown out the quieter nicer vegans. I'm also perfectly happy with my friends who are quite open minded and are so thoughful to cater for Mr T and I for different events. They don't try to get into arguments or question my lifestyle and I don't question theirs. So I didn't particularly feel the need to associate with other vegans.

However, it has been nice to have have that myth gone in my head and to come across vegans like Mr T and I who don't like to shove veganism down peoples throats and who aren't rude to others and are not angry against the world and have other non-vegan, non-animal rights interests. I just wish I come across more of them and I guess I'm not including people out there in the blogworld who are lovely because I haven't actually met you except for cristy who is just as lovely in real life.


Theresa said...

It sucks that you've had bad experiences with other vegans. I've found that health food vegans can be the weirdest--no offense to any vegans who made the switch for health, but the most socially awkward vegans I've met are from that category. But you're right, there are plenty of us who are totally normal, and even cool! Cristy *is* lovely, as is Anna (veganista), the only two vegan bloggers I've met. I wish there were other vegans around Townsville... if I ever come to Melbourne, we must meet up!

Sorry for the long, pointless comment!

kristy said...

Theresa, it's not a pointless comment. I'm glad to heard that you haven't had the same experience. Perhaps with my experience I gave up too early or it was just where I happened to meet them-social type events.