Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cannonballs meet Buckeyes

I wasn't sure whether to pair chocolate with peanut butter and make cannonballs or to make buckeyes. So I decided to cross the two together. I used Yeah, that "vegan" shit's recipe.

I actually thought that sticking a toothpick in it and coating it with chocolate leaving the top or 'the eye' exposed would be easier. But I was wrong. They also look ugly.

So I decided to toss the buckeye idea and the toothpicks aside and just coated them in chocolate. I was also wrong about cannonballs being an easy thing to make with all of the waiting, and the tedious task of coating each one in chocolate it took forever. Part of the appeal of making them was the simplicity, I think making ccokies, cupcakes and even cake is easier than making these tiny things. Despite the freezing some of them also feel apart when I tried to coat them and it was messy. I doubled the recipe and it used up three almost four small bags of chocolate chips to get them all coated.

So how did they taste?

Great, but not worth the effort. They didn't taste that different to chocolate spiders (which I make with crispy soy noodles), I think I will stick to them in the future.

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