Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's never been a better time to be an Aussie Vegan

It's so great to be discussing vegan recipes from other Aussies- like Mark Senn at Veginity and the soup for all seasons cookbook (see below) rather than discussing the American ones that I usually talk about.

It's also really awesome to discover more and more Aussie food bloggers. Just in the last couple of days I have discovered Solusta with amazing food pics, fellow cupcake lover Cupcake Kitteh check out the tater tacos and Shimmy Shimmy Coconut who discusses cookie dough centred cupcakes. There is also Vegology who discusses her inspiring competitive running. My list of Aussies vegetarian and vegan bloggers on the right is getting huge. Also, i'm hoping that a few more vegans I know will start blogging, you know who you are. I discovered all of the new ones I mentioned from PPK forum which has a huge Aussie Thread where the amazing brunch idea started.

There's also going to be a new Aussie vegan dessert cookbook coming out soon thanks to Aduki.

Then of course East Brunswick Club which is just a regular meat serving pub has more and more vegan dishes and desserts. I can not wait to try the chocolate and peanut butter 'cheesecake'!

I kind of feel sorry for the non-vegans who miss out on all the fun and the yummy food :-)


mercuryheart said...

I agree that others should blog as well, to join in on all the great work you do! Miss C and Miss D we're looking at you! And Mr T too!

Mandee said...

Hooray for all the Aussie blogs :)

kristy said...

Mercuryheart, I agree. You could also do it too. We need more male bloggers.

mustardseed said...

Hey...I'm from Singapore but I like Aussie food blogs cause Aussie vegan recipes tend to use ingredients that are more available to me.

I don't have (can't afford) tofutti, EB, maple syrup etc. etc. over here, so Aussie food blogs are great for me!