Monday, October 20, 2008

BBQ Potluck

Emily from aduki hosted a BBQ potluck yesterday and it was awesome, I also think it was the healthiest potluck I have been to. I didn't get pics of everything and I ate and then took pics, so I'm hoping that one of the many bloggers who were present, got the rest. Speaking of bloggers, I think most of the veg*n bloggers in Melbourne were there. I have no idea what most of the dishes were called or who made them, so apologises in advance for the lack of labels and names. Please feel free to leave details about who made what and what it's called.

The prettiest lookest savoury dish: has to go Craig's nac
ho pasta dish and it was damn tasty too

Salad's seem to be the fav dish to make, here are some of them:

I think this was pips, I forgot what it was called but it was tasty

Christie's pasta salad

Lidia's potato salad

I think this was Lisa's colesaw

Rebecca's lentil salad with preserved lemons

This was pip's, but I forgot what it was called

Salad in a pretty bowl from Vietnam, but I forgot the name of both the salad and the woman, sorry!

Rachel made asparagus tart.

On the BBQ, there were Lidia's mushrooms and Rebecca's marinated veggies (as well as fry's burgers and sausages which I didn't photgraph)

Mr T made mushroom, chickpea, sesame patties which he was dissapointed about.

I think this was a bean dip.

There were also these patties which sadly I don't think I tried:

And on to my fav part of the potluck, dessert:

Chocolate crackles

Choc cupcakes with peanut butter icing made by Rachel's sister. The icing was so good!

Cindy and Michael's amazing cherry slice, I had lots!

Fruit skewers, such as great idea made by Janice

Fruit salad with yummy balasmic sauce made by Jo

Lemongrass cupcakes made by Pip

And my contribution, ice cream cookie sandwiches:

I made choc cookies with both dark and white chocolate chips and then put a thin layer of peanut caramel and then ice cream. I followed the recipe for chocolate ice cream but used white chocolate, I think the vanilla essence kind of overpowered the flavor and it didn't taste like white choc. These are a work in progress, next time I need to make thinner cookies and put more ice cream but they still tasted ok.

I'm thinking about hosting the next potluck in a park, a picnic potluck since we have a small place and can't host one here.


lisa said...

Oh, I didn't get to try Mr T's patties - potluck regret!

Your salad photos are awesome! I forgot there was a lentil salad, that was really yum too. I wish I had all those salads here for dinner right now.

Cindy said...

Kristy, those icecream sandwiches were already to-die-for! But if you want to test an altered version on the potluckers, I'm sure they/we won't complain. :-)

Any chance of you sharing a recipe?

Léna, said...

i wish i were the queen of food mountain. with all them dogs too.
looks like a great time was had by all.

Miss T said...

Oh yeah, the ice cream sangas rocked!

I can add a little info too ... the red dip with coriander was mine; it started life as white bean aoli from V'Con but as I stupidly added raw instead of sauteed garlic I had to re-jig it and it was a bizarre tomato-aoli mix in the end which really didn't taste that good. Buzz made the chocolate crackles and the curry-cauliflower balls were made by Ellie (mmmm and creamy!) along with her beetroot and quinoa salad with pomegranate sauce.

I loooove the park potlock idea .. I'm in the same boat space-wise so maybe over summer we could try a couple out?

xMiss T