Sunday, October 12, 2008

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth

I just still don't have internet access or phone. I have decided that Optus is possibly the worst company ever. It was supposed to be connected on wed (the first available time within a fortnight that was available), then friday and then yesterday but still no internet.

On Friday, they told me that someone would be out between 8 and 1 and so I arranged for someone to be home and about 8 phone calls later including one that escalated to a team leader. I was being assertive not aggressive I promise. And still no real apologies, or internet, and not even a ounce of fake empathy, I know that real empathy is too much to ask for. I finally told the poor person to leave my place at 2.30 and was told at 4.45 by Optus that maybe someone will come out before close of business and that I would just have to wait, yeah right. I asked Optus to call the contractors and find out what time they were coming approximately and was told that they couldn't. I understand that Optus rents the line from Telstra but surely the communications industry can get some communication with the contractor.


Am I really asking too much for my internet and phone that I am paying for to be connected. If It doesn't get fixed soon (like tomorrow) I'm going to the telecommunications ombudsmen.


Theresa said...

As if moving isn't hard enough. What a pain in the ass. We had a hell of a time getting our optus mobile activated, because we tried to migrate our number from telstra. Telecommunications companies suck!

claire said...

Argh! How frustrating. You are paying for a service so you should damn well get it - tell them that!

Miss T said...

I've had Telstra issues too that required a call to the Ombudsman (actaully, I've also had Ombudsman complaints about my gas provider, taxis ... I'm really into the complaints!) ... luckily for me I managed to stike upon the one articulate, friendly, engaged, interested and intelligent person (a guy in the call centre at Ballarat) who managed to fix for me what no-one (including Finance Managers) had been able to in 6 months. Unfortunately I think this means that in general large telecommunications corporations, ironically and as you point out, are generally pretty shiteful at actually .. you know ... actually *communicating* within their organisation.

I hope it gets sorted asap - how frustrating and angry-making!

xxMiss T