Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tex Mex Potluck

Emily hosted a tex mex potluck and it was amazing!

There was paella which isnt technically mexican but was tasty:
Also tasty sangria:

Lisa made super important guacamole:

And Tara made garlicky coriander salsa:

Rachel made these yummy quesadillas with nacho soy cheese and beans:
And gazpacho:

Emily made tortillas and Lidia made this smokey chilli with sausages in it:

Craig made spicy but delicious chilli:

Pip and Tim made this beany yummyness:
and amazing churros covered in sugar and cinnamon with dark chocolate dipping sauce:
Mr T and I made two types of cupcakes: margarita cupcakes wit tequila in them and mexican hot chocolate cupcakes with cayenne pepper. You couldn't really taste the tequilla or the cayenne pepper though. I prefered the mexican hot chocolate ones which we put chocolate mousse on top and sprinkled with cinnamon.

We tracked down coloured sugar to decorate the sides with.

Cindy made mexican wedding cookies which had chocolate in them.

And Jo made mexican wedding cookies minus the chocolate so they had quite different flavours.

Amy and Aaron made raw oatmeal cocao nib cookies that reminded me of truffles and they even brought the recipe to share.

Rebecca made a pinyata filled with all sorts of vegan chocolates and lollies from rishons which we hit with a empty tequila bottle.
Kimba even dressed up
Whereas the other dogs enjoyed sleeping on me (Dallas kind of blends in with my clothes and the couch though).
There were other things that I didn't get pictures of too like polenta chips and two black bean dishes and Michael's mole. I was so full by the end of it! I think themed potlucked are the way to go and am looking forward to the indian one coming up.


lisa said...

It was all kinds of awesome. Yum!

steph said...

omg! i also am looking forward to the indian one because i will be there! !!