Monday, May 11, 2009

Radical Grocery Potluck

The Radical Grocery had a potluck a few weeks ago with a fair trade theme, you had to have at least one fair trade ingredient in your dish. While it was quite small it size it meant even more food for me and so I left with a very high sugar state. As you probably would have guessed chocolate or cocoa powder appeared to be the favourite fairtrade to include.

I decided to make smoky bean chilli and add fairtrade cocoa powder to it, I made polenta cups using this recipe here (minus the cheese and egg) and baked them with a tiny sprinkle of cheezly and crushed corn chips on top. As you can see they were more likely rounds rather than cups and next time I would make a little more mixture to prevent a few of them from cracking.

I did the same with puff pastry too.

Mr T who is now fully repaired made almond buscits which I forgot take a pic of, sorry!

Anikee made yummy choc chip biscuits

And her friend made these delicious chocolate and raspberry pikletes

Lisa made coffee cookies with chocolate icing on top and while I normally dislike coffee I loved the cookies.

Her housemate mate possibly the best brownies ever, they were so rich and tasty and oh so bad for you.
And to help balance it out a little we also had some healthy quinoa salad with rocket, coriander and lots more
There were other items too like my friend Kylie made muffins but I was already in sugar coma by then.

Here's a pic of some of the potluckers in the shop.

and this little one enjoying the chocolate baked goods


Johanna said...

I am already thinking about what I could do with these polenta cups - what a great idea - thanks for the link

I'm Philippa O said...

ooo it looks really good! i spent the day with my bro. sad to have missed out

Theresa said...

That looks like such a sweet pot luck!

Mandee said...

Great idea for a pot luck theme and I love the polenta rounds you made, perfect finger food!