Monday, June 08, 2009

Thousand steps potluck

We went to ferntree gully for my potluck, it was small in numbers but I am kind of glad about that, as it was quite embarassing how many times I had to stop doing the thousand steps walk. At the top though we enjoyed the nice weather (it was a few weeks ago) and lots of good food.

Craig made green caspcium, red capscium and eggplant dips.

and mushroom dip which actually had me the mushroom hater liking mushrooms
Rebecca made rice apricot balls
Jo made an assortment of yummy sandwiches in cute shapes and with the crusts cut off.

I made these bacon and potato puff pastry things. I simply added mashed potatoes and bacon bits to puff pastry. So simple but quite good.

And anzac cookies with orange blossom water which were sadly a little bitter but I guess I used too much baking soda.

Mr T made cheesy mite scrolls using cheezly. They were so amazing the night before, all hot and gooey but the following day were kind of average.(excuse the pic)
It was really pretty and we saw lots of different birds
Afterwards we went to belgrave manor earthly pleasures cafe which is in this really cute old building. Earthly pleasures is an omni place but has lots of vegan options.
We shared a piece of chocolate pear tart, it was rich and soooooooo good!
Belgrave Manor Earthly Pleasures
1627 Burwood Hwy
9754 7899


Theresa said...

That looks like a pretty yummy potluck. The little sandwiches are super cute, and Mr T's scrolls look really great.

Mandee said...

Looks like a great pot luck! I like the potato puff idea.

It's getting too cold now to have them outdoors, we're going to have to have them indoors.

I'm Philippa O said...

dammit, i got to stop missing out on these things!