Thursday, June 25, 2009

It must be time for a rant...

Feel free to skip this post. But sometimes I need to get stuff of my chest!

Ok so here goes:
  • I had nausea, vomiting, ingestion for a week and then like the worst flu ever with a constant fever, where I have been going through over a box of tissues per day for a week. Now I have both the flu and an upset stomach together. How unfair is that?
  • We have just been told that our rent will go up. We are already paying $30 more a week than the other units next to us and now will be paying $55 more per week. We originally offered them 9 months ago an extra $20 per week to secure this place, thinking at least our rent won't go up for a while. I had a quick look and for the same price we could easily get a 2 bedroom property but is is worth the cost of moving? It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that our place is crap, no proper heating, the place if falling apart and there are major gaps in all of the doors and windows so it sucks in both winter and summer. I'm actually contemplating a sharehouse right now even though I hate them.
  • I am so behind at work due to all of the sick leave so when I'm at home I keep thinking about my poor clients and when I'm at work my colleagues are angry at me for being there in case I infect them. I'm run out of sick leave and am starting to think I will never get better.
  • We have this amazing holiday coming up and I'm starting to worry that we won't be able to afford it and that I won't be able to get my thesis done in time. It's hard to be productive when your constantly sick!
To try to counter balance all of the complaining a tiny bit:
  • We just celebrated button living with us for a year. It is a relieve considering that we had our last cat Molly for only 6 months before she disappeared.
  • I have an awesome husband, that word still feels really weird and really old. Still better than wife though in my opinion.
  • I made something non- food related, a button bouquet: using lots of different types of buttons, floral wire, and a vintage salt shaker for a friends birthday:


Anonymous said...

hi kirsty (it is kirsty right?)

if you think your rent is too excessive you can apply to have ti evaluated by the tennants union of victoria. you have I think a month to contest it, make sure they sent you the right paperwork with the increase too, they should have sent you a notice via registered post with a 60 day time frame for the increase. they also cannot raise your rent more than 10% every 6 months. If you're paying $55 a week more than the flat next door sounds like you should be able to get it contested through the tennants union. Give them a ring they're really super helpful.

ps all your health troubles, no need to stress, do what you can at work, stressing more will lower your immune system, you do the best you can. be kind to yourself.

xo carla

Cindy said...

That button bouquet is super cute!

Rest up and get well soon.


Johanna said...

sorry to see you are sick - hope you are able to get some rest and get better!

that is really bad that your rent is going up while interest rates are going down - doesn't make sense does it!

glad to see that your creative juices are still flowing - that button bouquet is gorgeous

cristy said...

I was going to say what Carla said. Context the rent increase. If it is excessive then they can't do it.

cristy said...

Oh and I do hope that you get well soon you poor thing!

steph said...

boo at being sick and also at rent increases. :o( hope you feel better soon!

shawna said...

if you've run out of sick leave but need more time off i've been told (by an old co-worker who's dad is a doctor) that you can go thru centrelink to get sick leave paid. it's probably a lot of paperwork and doctors visits/centrelink visits but if you're still sick and need an income it might be an option.
hope you're feeling better soon.

BrisVegan said...

Sorry to here that you are unwell and your landlord is being unreasonable. Hopefully both problems will be behind you soon. If worst comes to worst, and Carla's very good suggestions don't work, you can always vote with your feet as soon as the lease ends.

The button bouquet is seriously cute.

Look after yourself and feel better soon!

kristy said...

Carla, it is k-r-i-s-t-y :-) I get kirsty all the time in real life.

Thanks for all your comments and for listening to me whinge and for all of the complements about the button bouquet.

Re: consumer affairs, I have spoken to the person from consumer affairs before who does the inspections and he basically said that 99% of the requests he can't contest the rent increases because rent is sooooo expensive at the moment.

Shawna, thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

hi kristy, I would still try and contest it anyway.... cant hurt mate

I'm Philippa O said...

keep up the possie thoughts! and add to the list you make the best icecream sandwiches and cakes in town!

I'm Philippa O said...

and happy cattiversary