Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Minor Place and Darth Vader

Just a few things before tonight's main event:

1) Light n i n g BO LT: Secret Show (at) Irene. \m/
2) Check out Photos of Vegan Fitness Week Melbourne. (Photos by Noah)
3) Dean Wareham, from my favourite band Galaxie 500, blogged about his recent Melbourne tour and the "memorable in-store at Pure Pop Records in St. Kilda".
4)Matt Preston wrote about Trippy Taco.
5) My heart is broken: Bulmbers is not veg*n. And guess what? Also most apple juice brands are not veg*n neither.

"It's not you, it's me."

Kristy and I rode our bikes to A Minor Place (103 Albion Street, Brunswick) for breakfast last Saturday. The Soy Latte was pretty good.
The pretty Bonsoy spiral

What did we eat? Henry's Beans. It is made of Cannellini Beans (Kristy's favourite), garlic, rosemary (Kristy's pet hate) topped with dukkah, and served with lemon. They were not bad in my book. *pointing mic to Kristy* "What do you think about the beans, Kristy?". Kristy: "I was reluctant to go just for one bean dish, but I was pleasantly surprised."

This is pretty much the only vegan option. They also stock Crumb's vegan muffins.

Pip, the cooking god, tried to make it at home. Her version looks like the lost twin of Henry's Beans, but I haven't tried it though.

I bought an all black Keepcup. It has saved quite a few paper cups since I bought it two weeks ago. I call it Darth Vader.


Anonymous said...

I love your Darth Vader!
Just ordered a KeepCup, as they look awesome and will come in handy for the morning coffee van ritual.

Anonymous said...

cool cup! -ann

lisa said...

KeepCups are all the rage here at my work. I just use a ceramic cup but when I leave here I'll probably get a KeepCup for on the go - they are a great idea and an awesome eco-minded small business. Love the black!

Léna, said...

in my experience of a minor place they tend to have at least one vegan option on the specials board each time i've been there. they are also now open for dinner and i've been told to look out for a mushroom dumpling thing that's vegan approved.
some of the vegan muffins they sell are gluten free as well.
also worth going to for the beans, the bonnie prince billy references and delicious coffee!

Anonymous said...

i love henrys beans YUM!

Vicki said...

I did not know that about apple juice & I have been drinking heaps - most annoying!

::Toby:: said...

Thanks for the tips, Lena. You need to try the breakfast at Ray when you are in town if you haven't yet.

Vicki, the cloudy one or the organic brand should be okay.