Tuesday, October 14, 2003

No what?

Ok i'm going to test my willpower

and attempt to give up sugar at least for a little while

Which unfortunately includes my new found love: chocolate chip ice cream

On the bright side there is no vo cake to tempt me.

I will however need to keep it quiet.

I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago to Michael and he threatened to kick me out.

You see he remembers about a year when the doctor advised me to go off sugar (even fruit juice) how terrible it was or rather i was. I have a fond memory of him getting up at about 2am and rushing to the kitchen to make me banana on toast (the only form is sugar i was allowed) in the hopes of um settling me.

I remember shaking, and maybe some slight irritability.

I also remember that it was pretty bloody hard.

Its the closest to a drug addiction i will ever come.

Wish me luck folks i'm sure i will need it.

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