Friday, October 03, 2003

Ok everything is looking relatively positive for the moment.

So in hopes of capturing the moment i figure i will write about it.

Now nothing major has happened but its the little things like:

I have lunch plans tomorrow with my new veg friends who promise to show me another health food store (a rarity here)

I'm going to a concert tomorrow night (don't really know much about it but still...)

I made this really yummy dinner: i found a new comfort food: peanut pasta.

I was reminded of how amazing of a friend Michael is (big hugs tend to do that).

Erin has internet again: it kind of reminded me that everyone is not that far away. (now if only i could convince more friends to have blogs)

I'm going to Shenzhen (across the border) on sun again and i might even have female company this time. At the very least i won't have a vegetarian bashing like last time (someone trying to start an argument with me about how boring, unhealthy blah blah vegetarianism is).

I printed out a gorgeous photo of my little sis.

I'm so in love with the views out my window.

I continued reading this great book (don't know why i stopped).

I finally drafted a letter (i'm contacting some companies here to find out which products are suitable for vegans on behalf of one of a veg organisation here)

I finally sent a postcard to a friend and birthday card to my grandmother.

The apartment is clean, and has been for a few days straight.

Maybe thats it clean room clean mind...


It might also have something to do with the fact that i might be coming home for xmas (yippppay)

Now if only my working visa could go through !

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