Sunday, August 22, 2004

The good, bad and ugly

  • people who project all their build up anger (over stupid trivial things) onto little ol me just because i answer the phone on behalf of the company on a SUNDAY.
  • many of my co-workers (see entry below) at my full time job.
  • working 14 days straight (will be a total of 18)
  • issues with a friend who has issues
  • credit card debt
  • a $300 phone bill
  • lack of 'proper' career options at present
  • sitting in traffic for 1 hour on the way to and from work on weekdays
  • i'm still in lurrrve
  • shopping on thur night and buying 4 items of clothing (including a coat) for $45 dollars
  • friends
  • family
  • vo
  • droste bittersweet dark chocolate
  • with all the work i'm doing i'm bound to get out of my sucky financial situation soon
  • a day off on friday
  • chance toby will come to melb soon
  • beating the odds (everyone else is sick and huge climate change) and not getting sick

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