Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Last night after picking up my friend Dan from his place i drove around the corner over- (well in reality slightly in and out of) an exposed storm water drain opening (we are talking about a huge huge huge hole- one that i could quite easily fit inside). Needless to say it completely fucked up my car (yes profanity is neccesary sometimes). I now have two flat tires, dented wheel caps, and god knows what under-car damage. So I currently have no car and a waiting for a reply from my local council. You see the council was doing somesort of work and had put a large metal sheet over it and some hoon has managed to move it with her/her powerful car. Stupid idiots! It took two police oficers, my stepfather and a friend alot of effort to actually move the metal sheet back to where it was supposed to be covering it.

Why do i get the feeling that they will make me pay for it then tie everything up with paperwork before reinbursing me?

I'm still waiting for my refund from Cathay (apparently it takes 3 months).

Thankfully i did however get a refund on my two speeding fines yesterday. Looks like it will all be going to my car.

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